Hackathon Recap

Join us for a two minute whirlwind tour of the March 3-5, 2018 Palm Springs event . . .

Meet the winners!

Congratulations to all the hackathon competitors and their innovative ideas!
Prize 🏆

Challenge 2

Municipal water safety

Municipality water monitoring with artificial intelligence to prevent water contamination.

AT&T, Cisco, Extron, Quartic Solutions


Challenge 3

Electric grid and climate


Balancing climate change goals and electric grid reliability with GIS and machine learning technologies.

Southern California Edison


Challenge 3

Reducing loss of life in earthquakes

Reducing loss of human life from earthquakes using machine learning for predictive risk assessment.

UC Santa Barbara

FB Live Interviews with SAP + Esri Hackathon Winners and Finalists!


🌎 Earthquake Impact Risk Prediction (UC Santa Barbara - Finalist) - view here

Discover how the finalist team of #SAPEsri Hackathon uses SAP HANA spatial and Esri solutions to help communities be prepared by assessing the impact of earthquakes using risk models!


🏆 Safety of Water (Team Brontosaurus Winner) - view here

 Discover how the winning team of #SAPEsri Hackathon uses SAP HANA spatial and Esri solutions with machine learning to detect contaminated water and improve safety! 


It’s a win-win.

Enhance your reputation and take home some great winnings.
  • Drone package (Parrot Bebop 2)
  • ArcGIS for Developer annual subscription
  • Highlights in SAP and Esri external communications


Cash Prize $10,000*

  • RFID package w/ Raspberry Pi
  • Mentions in SAP and Esri external communications

Cash Prize $5,000*

See Rules for details.

Prizes will be awarded to each member of the winning and finalist teams (there will be two finalist teams). 

* $2,000 and $1,000 per team member for up to $10,000 and $5,000 respectively for Winners and Finalists.  Actual drone may be different than the one pictured here.


You and your team can pick one of the three different challenges.

Good luck!
Challenge #1
Spatial & Graph

Process and visualize topologies and networks. Combine the capabilities of SAP HANA and Esri for innovative approaches to network analytics.  Click here for details.


Challenge #2
Sustain, create, optimize

Improve and optimize daily business using spatial analytics while also meeting sustainable development goals. Click here for details.


Challenge #3
Geo machine learning

Illustrate how AI and machine learning can benefit from the spatial dimension. How can we use machine learning in spatial analytics to solve major challenges? Click here for details.

How to participate
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About the sponsors
SAP is the largest enterprise software company in the world and has now brought SAP HANA high speed query processing to GIS applications.

Esri is the global market leader of GIS technologies. Esri's ArcGIS Pro can now connect your SAP HANA data and other business information to Esri’s demographic data for better insights.