HOT Update: Before you go

On your way to fame and great prizes, our technical experts recommend you review these handy resources to prep for success!

Please bring a Windows laptop if you can.  Each team should have access to at least one Windows laptop as ArcGIS only runs on Windows. You will have access to a terminal services account for your team as a backup, but you’ll find it more convenient to use Windows.

1. Blogs you’ll find handy

How to transform spatial reference systems in HANA

How to connect ArcGIS Pro to HANA


2.  Tutorial for the ArcGIS Pro/HANA Express Edition promotion

If you signed up for this promotion, take a look at the tutorial – it has a lot of useful information on applying ArcGIS Pro against HANA Express using query layers.


3. SAP HANA specific technical materials (beyond what is already on the other areas of the website)

The HANA Spatial reference documentation online and in pdf


4. Esri ArcGIS Pro specific technical materials

Build an app in 15 minutes.  ArcGIS DevLabs on how to start building an app in 15 minutes.  ArcGIS DevLabs guide you through the three phases of building geospatial apps: Data, Design, Develop


ArcGIS for developers website


ArcGIS Pro documentation


Content visualization

Apps for the field

App Builders


Living Atlas

Geo-enrichment with Business Analyst

GeoEnrichment service for developers - the materials referenced in the Tony Howser office hours on February 13th, Create Mashups & Supercharge your Data-Driven Apps    


Visual analytics

ArcGIS Pro

Getting started with ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro Help - lots of helpful content like how to build projects, how to map and visualize your data, and performing analysis and geoprocessing


Insights for ArcGIS

Insights for ArcGIS Tip Video: It’s all Drag-and-Drop

ArcGIS Network Analyst

Key Features

Network Analyst Help content – a great reference guide





Here's a link to the venue information on this website for your convenience.

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Office hours
To support your success in the hackathon, we will have office hours webinars where experts will present on various topics.

Click on the blue down-arrow icons for details and to register for upcoming events. For events already held, you may click the blue arrows for video replays.
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Creating a team


Teams may include up to 5 members and should generally include participants with experience in the following areas:


  1. GIS developer
  2. Application developer
  3. Data scientist
  4. Enterprise software architect
  5. Business Intelligence (BI) professional


If you signed up as an individual, we will work to assign you to a team prior to the event and will also have a ‘matching event’ at the beginning of the hackathon for any final team assignments.