SAP Next-Gen Introduction

SAP Next-Gen enable SAP customers and partners to seed in disruptive innovation and accelerate their exponential enterprise journeys and digital futures through connecting with students, startups, academic thought leaders and researchers, accelerators, venture firms, and other partners in the SAP University Alliances innovation network. All SAP Next-Gen services and activities support SAP’s commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations, and drive the SAP Next-Gen mission to build next gen innovators and connect them to the SAP ecosystem to accelerate disruptive innovation.


The SAP Next-Gen Lab for Financial Services

Connects Insurance and Banking customers with academia, startups, accelerators, and venture firms in the Silicon Valleys of the world for innovation with SAP. Through events and services, digital innovators come together in a community to foster the future of Financial Services in collaboration with next generation innovators.


The SAP Next-Gen Lab for Financial Services is proud to present the SAP Next-Gen Boot Camp on Machine Learning in Financial Services connects customers to SAP experts and academic thought leaders for cutting edge concepts and hands-on ideation to help customers develop their vision and accelerate digital transformation leveraging machine learning.