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For over 40 years, IBM and SAP have helped clients formulate and execute winning strategies. In this age of mobile and cloud computing, IBM is helping companies undertake digital transformations, re-imagining how applications are being built and supported for growth. IT investment is shifting to value creation, service excellence, and better customer experience. Work with IBM to develop data-rich mobile experiences and deploys new cloud services which allow business leaders, developers, and IT leaders to work in simpler, faster, and more impactful ways. Look to IBM to discover a new way forward for your business.

Featured Speakers

Donovan Guin

Director, Enterprise Customer Engagement

Donovan Guin is the North American practice lead for SAP Hybris at IBM. An author of the recent e-book, "Technology and the CMO in a Digital Era," Donovan brings more than 20 years experience in the digital space, including digital marketing, e-commerce, and more. His career has focused on helping companies grow their business using digital, by transforming the way they engage their customers.

Donovan Guin, Global Business Services, COE Lead IBM
Featured on-demand Content

IBM & SAP Digital Transformation

IBM & SAP's program to accelerate your company's digital transformation

3:37 minutes

IBM-SAP Hybris Alliance

Highlights of the rapidly expanding partnership between IBM and SAP Hybris

2:42 minutes

IBM - SAP Partnership for Digital Transformation- Heads Up Weather Alert

Real-time weather and outage notifications using Hybris Marketing, Cloud for Customer and data from The Weather Company

1:52 minutes

IBM-SAP Partnership for Digital Transformation- Cognitive Commerce

One model of combining cognitive with SAP Hybris to drive higher business results

1:34 minutes

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JAB engaged, an IBM Company, to help consolidate its fragmented portfolio onto one site powered by SAP® Hybris® Commerce, enabling dealers and consumers to easily browse the entire collection.

Praktiker engaged IBM® Global Business Services® to enable dynamic web capabilities, based on SAP® Hybris Commerce software, fully integrated with SAP ERP business solutions.

China’s Singles’ Day is one of the busiest online shopping periods in the world. Bestore implemented flexible online ordering solutions based on SAP Hybris B2C Commerce in order to handle massive peak workloads.

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