Sponsors at SAP Intelligent Enterprise Day Lithuania
BI Spectrum

BI Spectrum – verslo analitikos paslaugų ir konsultacijų teikimo įmonė, oficialiai atstovaujanti pasaulinio rinkos lyderio SAP® verslo analitikos sprendimus ir technologijas. Naudodama pažangias SAP® verslo analitikos technologijas bei turėdama ilgametę patirtį verslo analitikos srityje, dirbdama profesionaliai, lanksčiai ir patikimai, BI Spectrum gali pasiūlyti visą spektrą visaverčių, inovatyvių, draugiškų vartotojui, lanksčių, galingų, ypatingai greitų ir kokybiškų verslo analitikos sprendimų.


BI Spectrum yra SAP® partneris. Daugiau informacijos apie BI Spectrum galima rasti www.bispectrum.lt.


Both as a name and a company, Infotrust was founded with offspring in the idea that you should call yourself what you deliver. We transform data into trustworthy information. Hence the name: Infotrust!

Infotrust is Pan-Baltic BI consultancy company with 100% focus on business intelligence and predictive analytic.  We are experts in big data and predictive analytics solutions, with comprehensive experience in building SAP data warehouses based on SAP BusinessObjects (SAP DataServices), SAP HANA, Sybase IQ. Our services span from small to major projects, consultancy services and assistance, product and license selling as well as training, support and maintenance.


Infotrust is operating in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with headquarter in Riga.




We are a strong team of experts in IT field. The determination and ability to find non-standard solutions allow us to take on the challenges. Thanks to the accumulated experience, we turn them into complex IT solutions.


InnoForce is the biggest SAP implementation company in Lithuania, which also provide IT outsourcing services, with a competent and highly qualified team of professionals who have many years of experience in the IT sector, comprised of certified SAP and other systems consultants, information systems architects, testing specialists, developers and project managers.

The main industry competence areas of InnoForce are - public sector, finance, banking, healthcare, oil and gas, utilities, defense and security.


The key SAP products InnoForce is working with: SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Analytics (including SAP BusinessObjects), SAP Database & Technology, SAP Mobile, SAP HANA.



  • The Best SAP Partner in Lithuania of the Year 2018;
  • Baltic SAP Resell Partner of the Year 2016;
  • SAP Award of “Newcomer of the Year – Baltics” in 2014;
  • SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise (SAP PCOE);
  • SAP Recognised Expertise: Financial Management, Public Sector, Health Sector.



IP Callcenters

IP Callcenters is an official SAP Partner and sell their finest ready-made software solutions. We cover the whole life-cycle of implementing and maintaining of customer experience and HR software solutions from developing cloud infrastructure and custom solutions, software installations and integrations to consulting and ongoing support and maintenance.


Though we are based in Estonia and Lithuania our cloud-based services are used globally and our systems help serving customers 24/7. Being among the first to offer cloud-based contact center systems already in 2002 we believe in excellence in customer service as one of the most important business fundamentals.


Success is a joint venture and we are proud to be long term partners with these top-notch companies - TransferWise, Creditstar, DPD, TV Play, Itella, Ragn-Sells, Luminor and others.




LeverX is a consulting and software engineering company focused on development and implementation of software on the platform of products and tools of SAP, as well as on engineering of web, mobile, and cloud/server software solutions. The company is a certified SAP Service Partner and a Preferred Vendor for more than 15 years.


LeverX intends to leverage SAP capabilities (applications and infrastructure) and assist companies find, deploy and realize increment business value and tangible benefits. With multiple years of experience in implementing SAP solutions at Fortune 1000 companies as well as small and medium businesses worldwide, LeverX is uniquely positioned to help accelerate ROI by using industry best practices. 




Starting with September 23, Tet subsidiary Lattelecom Technology has changed its name to T2T


Main concept of T2T brand is “creative logic” or “from logic to creativity”:  the first “T” in the name means technologies,  business and logic, the second – creativity, passion, new non-standard solutions and growth. Whereas number 2 in English is also used as preposition “to” and joins these two parts. The concept is also reinforced by the company logo, which consists of two brain hemispheres – combination of logic and creativity. 


The goal of T2T is to build its awareness and image by specifying its position as a creative and flexible software solution enterprise. Such transformation is a logical step within the framework of the group alteration process. One of the aims of the new brand is to reinforce its positions in private business and export by offering integrated IT solutions and services. 


Tet subsidiary offers both software development from zero and ready-made solutions. T2T has a proprietary HR management solution  PAVS, which has been introduced in many Latvian companies, and it is also the official partner of several  technology flagships - DocLogix (document management system), Click Software (Field Service Management) and SAP (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning), and has been authorized to implement these solutions. 


Zalaris – if you care about your Human Capital

Zalaris ranks among Europe’s top providers of human capital management (HCM) and payroll solutions – addressing the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding to compensation, time and attendance, travel expense and performance management.


Our proven local and multi-country delivery models include on-premise implementations, software as a service (SaaS), integrated cloud and business process outsourcing (BPO).


Zalaris’ experienced consultants and advisors cover all industries and IT environments.


After 18 years of uninterrupted growth Zalaris has reached around NOK 800 mill in annualized revenue and has approx. 850 competent employees in the Nordics, Baltics, Poland, Germany, India, Ireland and the UK.


We serve more than one million employees each month, across multiple industries and with many of Europe’s most reputable employers – as Nordea, DnB, Telenor, Telia, Hydro, Yara, NSB, Ericsson, Equinor, AkerBP, Kongsberg Marine, Finnair, SAS, Germanwings, Statkraft, Elkjøp, CircleK, Die Zeit, Glaxosmithkline, Carlsberg and a number of German states – with our innovative payroll, HR and professional services.


Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Zalaris is publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ZAL).