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How will your business adapt to digital transformation?
Start innovating,
instead of just

talking about it.
How are you using today's most powerful technologies to truly innovate? 
At SAP Leonardo Live, we're focused on how to execute and deploy these technologies for your company. You'll walk away with a game plan instead of brochures. You'll experience technologies rather than hearing about them. In short, you'll start innovating instead of just talking about it.
What is SAP Leonardo?


It's where innovation rubber meets the road. SAP Leonardo is a system of innovation that enables organizations to quickly innovate and apply new technologies and innovations such as IoT, machine learning, analytics, blockchain, big data, and SAP Cloud Platform to solve and find real-world business opportunities.
Experience SAP Leonardo. Online.


Digital transformation comes to life with SAP Leonardo. By tuning into the general sessions through our live feed, you’ll learn about leading-edge technologies like analytics, Big Data, blockchain, data intelligence, design thinking, the Internet of Things, and machine learning.

Think you're innovative?
Wait until you see this.


Sure, your company is innovative. But wait until you see how some of the world's biggest and most innovative companies are taking it to a level you won't believe is possible. Disrupting their businesses - and their industries. You'll hear and see how they not only transformed their companies through innovation, but in many cases reinvented themselves in the process. 

Hear from a cast of visionary geniuses


We've assembled an incredible ensemble of visionaries, futurists, and innovation masters to headline SAP Leonado Live. Their genius will inspire you to unleash yours.

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Watch highlights from our Frankfurt, Germany event where attendees spent two days immersed in hand-on and highly interactive sessions to jumpstart their innovation strategies.
The most important innovation event of the year. Claim your seat right now.
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