Nina Easton Bio

Media co-founder and partner




SellersEaston Media co-founder and partner Nina Easton is a best-selling author, magazine writer, and TV commentator. She won numerous national awards during a decade with the Los Angeles Times and later as senior editor and Washington, DC, columnist at Fortune. 


At the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the prominent Washington, DC, foreign affairs think tank, Easton hosts a global affairs series of live events, bringing world leaders and diplomats to the stage for insightful interviews.


Easton is chair of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International and co-chair of the Fortune Global Forum, where she helps conceive and cast high-profile live events and conduct interviews with some of the biggest names in global business and international affairs. Her critically acclaimed political history Gang of Five, drawing on hundreds of interviews and archival research, ranks on Vox’s Books to Read to Understand the World list. 


For more than a decade, Easton has been a familiar face on television as a regular commentator on Fox News’s prime-time shows and as a political analyst on such programs as Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and Charlie Rose. In 2012, she was a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, teaching and producing influential research on wealth in America.


Over the course of a three-decade media career, Easton has interviewed top figures in politics (including Barack Obama, Condoleezza Rice, and Christine Lagarde) and in business (from prominent CEOs like Meg Whitman to groundbreaking pioneers like Steve Wozniak). At the Los Angeles Times, Easton profiled such Hollywood legends as Bette Davis, Meryl Streep, and Denzel Washington.