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See below the 2018 stops by region*

GNP Pakistan SAP NOW Lahore 11 April 2018 Completed
GNP Pakistan SAP NOW Karachi 12 April 2018 Completed
GNP Pakistan SAP NOW Islamabad 9 April 2018 Completed
GNP Qatar SAP NOW Qatar 14 March 2018 Completed
Greece Athens SAP NOW Athens 24 April 2018 Completed
Poland Warsaw SAP NOW Warsaw 25 April 2018 Completed
Saudi Arabia Riyadh SAP NOW Riyadh 30 April 2018 Completed
Spain Madrid SAP NOW Madrid 19 April 2018 Completed
China Taiwan SAP NOW Taiwan 09 May 2018 Completed
Portugal Lisbon SAP NOW Lisboa 22 May 2018 Completed
Ukraine Kiev SAP NOW Kyiv 30 May 2018 Completed
Croatia Zagreb SAP NOW Zagreb 14 June 2018 Completed
Slovenia Brdo pri Kranju SAP NOW Slovenia 12 June 2018 Completed
Korea Seoul SAP NOW Seoul 12 July 2018 Completed
Japan Tokyo SAP NOW Tokyo 2 August 2018 Completed
China Beijin SAP NOW Beijin 6 September 2018 Underway
Czech Republic  Prague SAP NOW Week 17-20 September 2018 Underway
Egypt Cairo  SAP NOW Egypt  19 September Underway
Hungary SiĆ³fok SAP NOW Hungary 9-11 September 2018 Underway
Italy Milan SAP NOW Milan 18 October 2018 Underway
Romania  Bucharest SAP NOW Romania 11 October 2018 Underway
South Africa Johanesburg SAP NOW South Africa 30 - 31 August 2018 Underway
Turkey  Istanbul SAP NOW Istambul 25 October 2018 Underway
West Balkans Belgrade SAP NOW West Balkans 9 October 2018 Underway

*Please note SAP NOW event information will be regulary updated.