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See below the 2020 stops by country*

Mexico Mexico City SAP NOW Mexico 13 February 2020  
Colombia Medellín SAP NOW Medellín 5 March 2020  
Switzerland Virtual SAP NOW Basel 10-11 March 2020 Virtual
Guatemala Guatemala SAP NOW Guatemala TBD  
Sweden Stockholm SAP NOW Stockholm TBD  
Argentina Buenos Aires SAP NOW & ASUG Summit Argentina TBD  
Ecuador Quito SAP NOW Quito TBD  
Germany Virtual SAP NOW Germany TBD Virtual
Norway Oslo SAP NOW Oslo TBD  
Uruguay Uruguay SAP NOW Uruguay TBD  
Finland Helsinki SAP NOW Helsinki TBD  
Denmark Copenhagen SAP NOW Copenhagen TBD  
Chile Santiago de Chile SAP NOW Chile TBD  
ME South ME South SAP NOW ME South 21 April 2020  
Russia Moscow SAP NOW Moscow 23 April 2020 Virtual
Slovakia Samorin SAP NOW Slovakia TBD  
Croatia Zagreb SAP NOW Croatia TBD  
Czech Republic Prague SAP NOW Czech Republic TBD  
Costa Rica San José SAP NOW Costa Rica TBD  
Slovenia Brdo pri Kranju SAP NOW Slovenia TBD  
Luxembourg Luxembourg SAP NOW Luxembourg TBD  
Colombia Bogotá SAP NOW Bogotá TBD  
Korea Seoul SAP NOW Seoul 7 July 2020 Virtual
Japan Tokyo SAP NOW Tokyo 9 July 2020 Virtual
South East Asia Virtual SAP NOW South East Asia 14-16 November 2020 Virtual
Poland Sopot SAP NOW Poland 9-10 September 2020  
Hungary Siofok SAP NOW Hungary 13-15 September 2020  
Brazil Sao Paulo SAP NOW Brazil 15-16 September 2020  
Germany Berlin SAP NOW Berlin 23-24 September  
Romania Bucarest SAP NOW Romania 22 October 2020  
Japan Osaka SAP NOW Osaka 01 November 2020  

*Please note SAP NOW event information will be regulary updated.