SAP Purpose Network Live
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Eight key initiatives drive action in the Purpose Network.
Explore thought leadership on our eight purpose themes and beyond. Find out how SAP customers and partners are impacting these global ambitions and aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Read about each topic below and click on it to view SAP Purpose Network Live conversation recordings.

SAP Purpose Network Themes

Circular Economy
As the world faces an unprecedented resource crisis, the move to an interconnected, circular economy is key to protecting our planet, its species, and our collective prosperity.

Climate Action
Sustainability leaders across industries are going beyond measuring top and bottom-line results to include a new dimension of success – a green line, helping companies minimize the greenhouse gas footprint of their products.

Equality for All
Driving diversity and inclusion must become a priority if intelligent enterprises are to thrive. SAP is fostering a global community of customers and partners who are committed to advancing equality and enabling purposeful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Social & Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Social and inclusive entrepreneurship is the fabric of economic growth and the engine of humanitarian and environmental impact. Forward looking corporates are growing through purpose-driven innovation in partnership with social entrepreneurs.

Skilled & Inclusive Workforce
Building a skilled and inclusive workforce ensures that everyone regardless of age or background has the skills to thrive and secure meaningful work in a digital world. SAP and it’s customers and partners are collaborating to support education and workforce readiness globally.

Destigmatizing Mental Health & Promoting a Culture of Well-Being
SAP is working with customers and partners to destigmatize mental health, promote cultures of well-being, and foster kindness and compassion to enable healthy, productive and creative workplaces.

Additional Purpose Topics


SAP has chosen to strategicly focus on the six purpose themes above, but our commitment to purpose does not stop there. Learn how SAP customer and parnters in the purpose network are impacting sustanablity in other areas and link to the remaining Sustainable Development Goals.

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