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Destigmatizing Mental Health & Promoting Well Being

SAP is working with customers and partners to destigmatize mental health, promote cultures of well-being, and foster kindness and compassion to enable healthy, productive and creative workplaces.

The Intersection between Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental Health & Well-Being in the Workforce Series

Episode 3 | 60 min

July 28, 2021


Learn how integrating well-being and DE&I into the design of work is the next step in creating a workforce experience where employees feel like they belong and are valued.

Creating a Workplace Culture that Supports Employee Mental Health

Mental Health & Well-Being in the Workforce Series

Episode 2 | 57 min

May 11, 2021


Your company’s culture plays a role in how employees perform and manage stress. Explore how to create a workplace culture that supports employee mental health.

Starting the Conversation around Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health & Well-Being in the Workforce Series

Episode 1 | 61 min

March 25, 2021


Explore why employee mental health needs to be a business priority and how you can start the conversation around mental health in your organization

Making Mental Health an Organizational Priority

SAP.iO Foundries Series

Episode 1 | 52 min

January 19, 2021


By prioritizing and integrating mental health solutions into company culture, an organization can protect its most valuable asset–its people.


COVID-19: Impact on Health & Wellbeing of our Employees – Perspectives from World Economic Forum, Hasso Plattner Institute and SAP

Employee & Workforce Series

Episode 5 | 61 min

September 11, 2020


Hear from mental heath experts across multiple industry on how to take action toward strong mental health and well-being for you and your organization's workforce.


Meditation and Mindfulness for Today

Employee & Workforce Series

Episode 4 | 58 min

May 29, 2020


This session explores how to build emotional intelligence at work through mindfulness to cope with anxiety and help us respond with patience and empathy.

Mindfulness and Resiliency in Times of Rapid Change

Customer Experience Series

Episode 5 | 60 min

July 7, 2020


This session spotlights how Procter & Gamble, in partnership with SAP's Mindfulness Practice, led by Peter Bostelmann, has integrated mindfulness into its company's DNA to foster a kinder, happier workplace.

Thriving in the New Normal

Employee & Workforce Series

Episode 1 | 47 min

May 8, 2020


Learn about two new solutions, "Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse" and "Thrive Global Working From Home in the New Normal," that can help get a pulse on how your remote workers are feeling.

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