SAP Purpose Network Live

Social & Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Social and inclusive entrepreneurship is the fabric of economic growth and the engine of humanitarian and environmental impact. Forward looking corporates are growing through purpose-driven innovation in partnership with social entrepreneurs.


Startup Guide Nairobi Launch

Startup Guide Africa Impact Series

Episode 4 | 60 min

January 28, 2021


Explore the impact-focused ecosystems of four West and East African cities.


Startup Guide Kigali Launch

Startup Guide Africa Impact Series

Episode 3 | 59 min

January 26, 2021


With strong infrastructure and ease of doing business, Kigali is emerging as a major hub for entrepreneurial investment and technology.


Startup Guide Lagos Launch

Startup Guide Africa Impact Series

Episode 2 | 64 min

January 19, 2021


The economic heart of Nigeria and Africa’s leading tech hub, Lagos is a bustling metropolis with ample opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.


Startup Guide Accra Launch

Startup Guide Africa Impact Series

Episode 1 | 61 min

January 19, 2021


With a focus on solving local problems through technology and a strong culture of collaboration, Accra has evolved into a major startup hub.


Waking the Talk: Corporate Action for Racial Equality

Spotlight Black Businesses

Episode 1 | 62 min

December 15, 2020


Hear inspiring stories from 3 small Black-owned businesses who are contributing towards economic activity in their communities and how you can join us to support them through the SAP Spotlight Black Businesses initiative.


One Billion Lives: Overview

One Billion Lives Series

Episode 1 | 54 min

May 1, 2020


This session provides an overview of SAP's One Billion Lives social entrepreneurship initiative, which helps solve the world’s biggest problems through the best SAP has to offer — our people, technology and resources.


Why Social Entrepreneurs are Critical to the Response and Recovery from the COVID-19 Crisis and How Business can Play a Role

One Billion Lives Series

Episode 8 | 40 min

August 13, 2020


Deb Kaplan, Director of SAP's One Billion Lives program, and Daniel Nowack, Managing Director at Yunus Social Business, spotlight how social entrepreneurs and corporate partners are collaboratively driving innovation and transformation of value chains through social business initiatives.

Delivering Safer Workplaces During COVID-19- Lessons from Breathe4Me CPR

November 4, 2020 | 35 min


Hear how a Small Business expanded their mission and leveraged the SAP Ariba network to deliver safer workplaces during the peak of COVID-19.

Embedding Purpose Into the Core of Business and its Relevance in a COVID-19 World

One Billion Lives Series

Episode 7 | 43 min

July 30, 2020


This session explores how companies are reimagining new business models and processes to create opportunities and support the most vulnerable during COVID-19.

Keeping Shipments on Track

SAP.IO - Innovative Solutions from Startups Help Business Succeed Amid COVID-19 Series

Episode 8 | 57 minutes

June 3, 2020


How SAP.iO supply chain startups continue to maintain timely delivery of resources, even with dramatic shifts in supply and demand caused by COVID-19.

Enabling the Fight Against COVID-19

SAP.IO - Innovative Solutions from Startups Help Business Succeed Amid COVID-19 Series

Episode 7 | 55 minutes

May 20, 2020


Learn how purpose-driven SAP.iO startups, such as Time Study, ZIPPIN, and Droice Labs, are adjusting to the new business landscape and enabling the fight against COVID-19.

Innovating Solutions in the Battle Against COVID-19

One Billion Lives Series

Episode 2 | 48 min

May 8, 2020


The One Billion Lives program invited SAP employees to come up with ideas for how to leverage SAP solutions to fight COVID-19. This sesssion highlights two initiatives resulting from this challenge that aim to leverage SAP capabilities and ecosystems.

Customer Intimacy in the Time of COVID-19

SAP.IO - Innovative Solutions from Startups Help Business Succeed Amid COVID-19 Series

Episode 5 | 58 minutes

May 6, 2020


SAP.iO startups, Perksy, SuperPhone, and parcelLab, use innovative technology to improve the customer experience and foster a greater sense of awareness and customer intimacy.

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