SAP Purpose Network Live

UN General Assembly Week

2020 Highlights 

Join us in reflecting and re-watching SAP’s engagement in a variety of events, which took place during this year’s UN General Assembly Week, as we came together with customers, governments, NGOs, civil society and many more to unite for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Dine With Purpose

Goals House

September 23rd, 2020  | 87 min


Hosted by the UN World Food Programme, thought leaders across business, technology and civil society explored opportunities to adjust our food systems to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for all.


SDG Ambition

UNGC Uniting Business LIVE

September 22nd, 2020  | 52 min


SDG Ambition enables companies to move beyond incremental progress on the SDGs and step-up transformative change – unlocking business value, building resilience, and enabling long-term sustainable growth, featuring Christian Klein, CEO of SAP.

Designing Business Systems for the Decade of Action

UNGC Uniting Business LIVE

September 23rd, 2020  | 57 min


UN Global Compact Academy, SAP, Accenture and 3M shared insights on how SDG Ambition will empower industry to implement innovative business strategies to increase positive impact on the SDGs.

Equity Reimagined

WEF Sustainable Development Impact Summit Affiliated Session

September 22nd, 2020  | 60 min


Global Citizen, SAP, Proctor & Gamble, We Are Family Foundation and Global Startup Ecosystem shared how multi-sector partnerships can empower all voices to create tangible paths toward justice.

Multilateralism Reimagined

WEF Sustainable Development Impact Summit Affiliated Session

September 23rd, 2020  | 60 min


The UN shared survey highlights on the urgency for progress on a more democratic, rules-based and inclusive society. And SAP, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and CIVICUS added how partnering can accelerate solutions to the SDGs.

Plastics: From Global Vision to Local Action

WEF Sustainable Development Impact Summit Affiliated Session

September 23rd, 2020  | 60 min


The WEF Global Plastic Action Partnership, the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation of Ghana, The Coca-Cola Company, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, rePATRN and SAP shared insights on connecting waste-pickers in Ghana to a global marketplace for plastic to raise economic outcomes and demonstrate the potential for a circular economy.

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