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Episode 1: Transform to Subscription and Usage Model


Learn how subscriptions and recurring revenue models bring challenges to existing quote-to-cash process. See how SAP solutions can help you transform your quote-to-cash process to support subscriptions, pay-per-use, and everything-as-a-service business.
Episode 2: SAP Journey Towards Software-as-a-Service


In our journey to the cloud in which we transition towards software-as-a-service (SaaS), our quote-to-cash process, including order management, invoicing and receivables management, must follow the same journey. We highlight process and system transformations to better meet customer needs and to scale for the future.
Episode 3: Scaling Your B2C Business for Subscriptions and Recurring Revenues


New business model innovations impact all industries. Hear how a retailer and transportation company are tackling these changes by upgrading their quote-to-cash process to scale their e-commerce and mobility-as-a-service business to manage high-volumes of transactions.
Episode 4: Transform to Everything-As-A-Service (XaaS)


Many companies are transitioning from selling products to selling subscriptions and creating ongoing relationships with their customers. Get insights on handling quote-to-cash challenges when subscriptions and recurring revenues are added, including subscription lifecycle management, user entitlements, and billing for usage data.
Episode 5: Deployment Strategies for Your Subscription Business


Hear about different options for making the switch to subscriptions and recurring revenues. We share customer examples on how they took advantage of SAP's modular architeture to update their quote-to-cash process to support their new subscription business.
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