Virtual Event I October 28, 2021

At the SAP Sustainability Summit in April, we introduced our commitment to creating a sustainable future for industry, together with our customers and partners.

Now we're further along in our journey towards zero emissions, zero waste and zero inequality, guided by holistic steering and reporting.

We're looking forward to showcasing our innovations in detail and diving deeper into the capabilities of our integrated set of solutions during the SAP Sustainability Day.

Our business software applications bring together materials, energy, and financial flows to steer businesses in a holistic way.


Thomas Saueressig, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, SAP Product Engineering
Zero Emissions with Climate Action


Learn how our customers can take action towards zero carbon economy by managing their emissions across the business enterprise, building towards carbon data transparency across the business networks and reducing their environmental footprint.

Zero Waste with Circular Economy


Learn how our customers can take action towards a circular economy by building resilience and circularity principles into material flows throughout value networks, managing their limited resources productively.

Holistic Steering & Reporting


Learn how our customers can take action towards hyper transparency through sustainability reporting by mapping operational data to show impact with holistic reporting enabling sustainable business steering and decisions.

Zero Inequality with Social Responsibility


Learn how our customers can take action towards ensuring continuous improvement in safe equitable and compliant businesses, within the company and across the value network.


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