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2020 just earned a spot on the podium of warmest years on record, thus joining the unbroken line of the seven hottest years on record. That's not a coincidence - it's a trend. A trend that will continue if left unchecked. We don't have much time left: in less than seven years, global warming will be irreversible. Inactivity is a luxury we can no longer afford.




Businesses are facing a changing climate as the pressure is increasing from all sides. Instead of fearing threats, we should not miss the unparalleled opportunities that sustainability holds. Consumers increasingly value sustainability, and on average, more than two-thirds of them are willing to pay a premium of 35% for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. 

There is also a new generation of investors emerging. Assets in dedicated sustainable investment strategies have more than doubled in the last five years, reaching $1.3 trillion in June 2020. This trend also shows no signs of slowing down so far.




Ultimately, each and every one of us can take ownership and create an impact. Be it through our decisions as consumers or be it through our decisions in business. So far, financial ratios run our actions - run the world. In future, sustainability metrics must be given the same importance. 


Luckily, awareness is rapidly changing and I believe we are on the edge of reshaping how we make business decisions. Digital solutions can support and accelerate this new way of managing and steering companies holistically by incorporating economic, social and environmental impacts.  




The impact of technology and digital solutions even extends beyond the boundaries of companies and industries. They can be a multiplier for change. By 2030, new digital technologies could reduce global carbon emissions by 20%.


We must rethink, innovate and implement at an unprecedented pace and scale to enable a thriving future for environment, economy and society. Let's do good for business and better for everyone. Together, let’s enable tomorrow.




Thomas Saueressig

Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE
SAP Product Engineering

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