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Usability testing is one of the only activities that allows customers and partners direct access to SAP Product and Development teams. In these 60 minute one on one feedback sessions you will usability test a series of screens to ensure buttons are where you expect them, the terminology makes sense, that features that are needed are there and those that are not needed are removed and so much more.
If you’ve ever struggled through a screen to find what you needed or wondered why you can’t just click here and have it do that…then this is the perfect way for you to work together with SAP to ensure that the products you use or will be using in the future, are built with the highest levels of usability and ease of use built into them. More importantly, by providing feedback on the way you work helps us to ensure that we build the right software solutions that meets the needs of your business requirements. So in your 60 minute session, your feedback truly helps shape the product and influences future product releases, now that’s a win-win.
Upcoming Testing Events
Testing Dates: September 28-30


DSAG is our German Speaking User Conference. Language of all testing is conducting in German, you do not need to be an attendee of DSAGLive 2021 to participate in usability testing.

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TechED 2021
Testing Dates: November 30-Dec 2


TechEd Usability testing is our premier virtual event for developers and architects or roles somewhere in between, if you are ready to get Techy, then check back on October 11th when topics and times are available for signup.

TechED Topic Track Breakdown
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Testing Dates: December 7-9


The UK and Ireland SAP User Group, brings together customers and partners from both business and technical backgrounds. Testing is done in CET time, and is open to any of our customers and partners as longer as the timezone works for you. You do not have to be attending UKISUG Connect to participate.

Usability Testing is open to all SAP Customers and Partners and participation is free. You do not have to be a registered attendee at any event in order to register for a testing session.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

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Participating and working closely together through each phase of development ensures that the most usable products and solutions with the best user experience ends up in the hands of our customers. So we would love to invite you to continue to work together with us throughout the year, so please bookmark this page as additional events such as SAPPHIRE NOW, ASUG, TechEd, DSAG, SAUG, UKISUG etc will be available here once registration is live. By working together, we can help the world RUN BETTER.

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