Why Attend SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference
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To make the most of your time at the event, check out the planned schedule of activities. Visit often for updated details.
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Make connections that matter

At this year’s event, we bring the intelligent enterprise to life. Regardless of your function or role in your organization, you’ll learn how to turn insight into action and discover ways to build the connections you need to win in the experience economy:

  • Experience real-world showcases – see the latest intelligent technologies in action and connect the dots for end-to-end processes across organizations
  • Find inspiration – discover how your company can achieve desired business outcomes and unlock new sources of growth through our innovative neighborhood show-floor design
  • Grow your network – make the right connections with experts, peers, and visionaries in just three short days  
  • Participate in interactive sessions –  take immediate and measurable steps toward becoming an intelligent enterprise
  • Hear about the latest technology trends – get inspired to think out-of-the box and to consider the art of the possible 
  • Chart your direction – learn where SAP technology is taking business in the future
  • Map migration strategies – manage your transition to the cloud

Start now and make your plans to join us. Bring your stories, challenges, and opportunities to Orlando. Leave with the inspiration, network, and knowledge to turn intelligence into action. 

“For me, attending SAPPHIRE NOW is like being a kid in a candy store. You go to one place and see the entire ecosystem. You get to interact and talk to SAP employees, SAP partners, and other SAP customers whether it’s about hardware, network, systems integration, or third-party, bolt-on solutions. You can come here for a couple of days and really see everything you need to see from a technology perspective.”

Thomas McKee, VP and CIO Kennametal, United States

“I really love that SAPPHIRE is an opportunity to meet some smart people, learn about the latest and greatest technology that SAP and other organizations have to offer us. It’s really a wonderful experience and to be able to connect with other clients who are on a similar journey is definitely memorable!”

Anja Schiralli, Employee Service Center, Toronto Transit Commission, Canada

“I go to SAPPHIRE with my team to look for inspiration from other customers, to get ideas from others, and engage with SAP executives. It’s a chance for us to understand the roadmap and the new technology and innovations that are coming so we can be at the head of the pack.”

Dominique Tessaro, CIO, VINCI Energies, France

"This is my third year at SAPPHIRE. As an exhibiting partner, you get to meet new clients, different partners, and explore what your current clients are looking for. It’s an amazing experience. It’s very exciting to be part of the SAP Ecosystem right now”

Nigel Grillet, Delaware Consulting, North America

"The number one reason I came to SAPPHIRE was to learn about more than just finance. I was really looking at how to connect with our customers. How do we give them those moments that delight and what products or service would we use to integrate through? I had some really in-depth and meaningful conversations. One of the great things was just the approachability of the SAP Leadership Team; it makes you feel good that they've got the same value set as you and they care about the wide community and are actually trying to develop for that."

Cormac Denton, CFO, Kapura (formerly Wellington Hospitality Group), New Zealand

"There are so many opportunities to learn and network. SAPPHIRE has really been an eye opener and surprised me. The keynote was done in such a fabulous manner with so much technology shown that it is a revelation and helps trigger so many thoughts and ideas about what can be done with technology."

Gautam Chatterjee, Chief Executive Officer , Exide Industries Ltd., India

"SAPPHIRE is an incredible show. It gives us the ability to talk to our peers, get insight into best practices, and interact with many members of the SAP community and management team. We get so much out of this interaction, it is well worth our time."

Stuart Pann, Chief Supply Chain Officer, HP Inc.

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