Why Attend SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference

Come With Problems
Leave With Solutions

Come With Questions

Leave With A Plan

Creating Opportunity from Challenges

Changes in the economy, society, and the environment are occurring at great speed and affecting every company, creating new business challenges and opportunities across all departments. SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference brings together the elements of the intelligent enterprise by showcasing end-to-end solutions that meet these business challenges and empower you to leave Orlando with solutions.


SAP solutions can help you create opportunities.
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Network with the Best and Brightest Minds
Last year, 95% of attendees engaged in effective networking.
See what others are saying about the event
“The main reason I go to SAPPHIRE NOW is to learn about the innovative technologies that SAP has right now and gain the visibility to what’s next, how it applies to our industry, and how we can develop a road map to implement these new technologies across our enterprise.”

Michael Zboray

Director – Global Factory Operations

Astra Zeneca

“The experience at SAPPHIRE NOW is very rewarding, from hearing about new information on SAP product direction to interacting with other customers and networking.”

Angela Olson

IBP Lead


“Being at SAPPHIRE NOW puts me on the leading edge of understanding where SAP is going so we can align our roadmaps and make sure we are making the right investments to help our business and our customers.”

Gaja Nagarajan

Managing Director -  IT

Maxim Integrated  

“Attending SAPPHIRE NOW is always such a transforming experience. The keynotes are always amazing – you cannot miss them!”

Christian Palomino

Vice President of Global IT

Meliná Hotels International, Spain

Get Your Boss on Board

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