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May 12–14, 2020 | Orlando, Florida


Attracting Qualified Buyers and Key Decision Makers

Expected Attendance of 23,000
Customer Experience

Hosted by SAP and ASUG, SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference is a premier innovative cloud and business technology conference. Over these three dynamic days, attendees will:


  • See how the world’s most successful and leading-edge companies are solving economical, societal, environmental, and technological challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Experience the most impactful innovative business software, services, and technologies in the world
  • Meet, listen to, and network with an incredible roster of visionary leaders, technology experts, and pioneering icons in digital business
  • Experience showcases and sessions that represent end-to-end business processes and feature the latest SAP technologies, with storylines by industry and line of business
  • Engage directly with ASUG’s business and technology professionals and discover ways to engage with the ASUG community beyond the conference to help maximize return on their SAP investments
Exhibiting Partner Experience 

As businesses are redefining themselves for the experience economy, the convergence of SAP, ASUG, and our partner ecosystem are providing solutions for organizations to become intelligent enterprises that connect experiences to operations. SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference is where SAP partners will:


  • Showcase their solutions, services, and software to thousands of SAP customers, including senior executives, business leaders, and IT decision-makers
  • Engage with top executives from leading companies to build new relationships and generate new opportunities
  • Build on event excitement and momentum to help accelerate existing deals and build on the SAP themes
  • Cross-sell and upsell to current customers and prospects by showcasing solutions that use the latest SAP innovations and address their individual business challenges
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