Exhibitor Space Selection | SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference
Floor Plans and Space Selection

Exhibit space selection will be conducted using the Priority Point System. When ready, your exhibit manager will send the selection schedule to you.


Show Floor Showing Current Exhibit Space Availability

Show Floor Map [(PDF) as of May 11. Please allow time to download, this file is over 10M.]

Aerial View of Show Floor [PDF]

Show Floor Guide [(PDF) as of April 30]

Orange County Convention Center Floor Plans [PDF]

Orange County Convention Center and Surrounding Area [PDF]


  • To be eligible for space selection using the Priority Point System, payment and the signed Exhibitor Agreement must be received by February 26, 2018.
  • The Sapphire level exhibitors will select space first, followed by the Onyx, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Pod-level exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors whose signed agreement and payment are received after February will select space in the order that payment is received once the priority point space selection is complete.
  • SAP and ASUG do not represent that any space will be available to any exhibitor. SAP and ASUG retain the exclusive right to revise the show floor plan and/or move exhibitors as necessary.