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The Case for Cloud

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Resources to Help You Transition Customers to the Cloud


It’s clear, the future is in the cloud. It’s the gateway to the latest innovations that will unlock the growth and revenue opportunity of a generation. Being able to position the Case for Cloud to your customers isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. The following resources will help you do just that.

Case for cloud on SAP Partner Portal
Visit Our Dedicated Page on SAP Partner Portal


Access the full array of dedicated partner resources and training designed to help you successfully put forward the indisputable Case for Cloud.


The Case for Cloud Differentiator One Pagers on SAP Partner Portal
Field One-Pagers: Cloud Differentiators Explained

Understand and present SAP’s cloud differentiators to your customers. This latest October Edition provies even more compelling reasons – grouped into functional, commercial, certification, maintenance, and services categories.

Case for Cloud FAQs
FAQs: Your Cloud Differentiator Questions Answered


This FAQ provides an easy-to-follow guide to help you get answers to questions about the Case for Cloud Initiative.



The Customer Value Journey
Be a Value Catalyst: The Customer Value Journey


Helping your customers adopt a cloud mindset demands you become a trusted advisor throughout their value journey. The Customer Value Journey details that continuous engagement and alignment that helps customers extract maximum business value from their cloud-based technologies.

Blogs and Podcasts
Blog: The case for cloud ERP from an SAP partner perspective with Richard Howells
The Case for Cloud ERP – SAP Partner Perspective


Richard Howells, SAP’s Vice President of Solution Management for ERP, Finance and Digital Supply Chain, outlines the importance of cloud ERP and a clean core in today’s hyper-competitive and complex world.  

Podcast Julia white and the power of generative AI for cloud erp
Unleashing the Power of Generative AI for Cloud ERP


In this ‘Future of ERP’ podcast episode, SAP Board Member Julia White discusses the hot topic of Generative AI and how it can change the game for Cloud ERP solutions.

Karl Fahrbach Blog on RISE with SAP premium and premium plus bundles
RISE with SAP – Be the Innovation Champion Your Customer Needs


SAP's Chief Partner Officer, Karl Fahrbach, explains the power of RISE with SAP premium and premium plus bundles in helping your customers achieve their vision for the future.

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