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The Customer Value Journey and

The Case for Cloud

Embrace the Customer Value Journey


SAP's Customer Value Journey represents an evolution in our engagement model that spans the entire customer relationship with SAP and their partners, from discovering our cloud offerings to extending the customer relationship and influencing the SAP portfolio. The continuous engagement with customers during key milestones and alignment on desired business outcomes helps them to extract maximum business value from their cloud-based technologies.

Customer Value Journey Video
Video: The Customer Value Journey Explained


Do you have a spare 2 minutes and 46 seconds? If so, this is a great way to spend that time understanding the various stages of SAP's Customer Value Journey. 

Karl Fahrbach Blog on SAPs partner collaboration model
Resources for Every Stage: Visit SAP Partner Portal


Learn more about the Customer Value Journey and access the programs, tools and resources designed to make you successful at each and every stage.  

Make the Case for Cloud


Being a successful trusted advisor to customers throughout their value journey demands you help them adopt a cloud mindset. Why? Because the future of SAP, our partners, and customers is in the cloud. Only with cloud, can we deliver the latest innovations with the speed, agility, and confidence customers’ demand. These resources will help you position the Case for Cloud, initiate holistic cloud transformation discussions, and ensure no customer is left behind.
Case for cloud on SAP Partner Portal
All Resources: Visit Our Dedicated Page on SAP Partner Portal


Access the full array of dedicated partner resources and training designed to help you put forward the indisputable open-and-shut case for the cloud. 

Karl Fahrbach Blog on SAPs partner collaboration model
Blog: A Paradigm Shift in SAP’s Partner Collaboration Model


SAP's Chief Partner Officer, Karl Fahrbach, outlines the importance of the Case for Cloud as it relates to partners, the critical role you play, and the steps you can take.

Blog A Paradigm Shift in SAP’s Partner Collaboration Model
Field One-Pagers: Cloud Differentiators Explained

Understand how to present SAP’s cloud differentiators to your customers. A total of 17 compelling reasons to move to the cloud are grouped into functional, commercial, and technical/partner certification differentiation categories.

Case for Cloud Field One-Pagers
FAQs: Your Cloud Differentiator Questions Answered


This FAQ provides an easy-to-follow guide to help you get answers to questions about the Case for Cloud Initiative.


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