Charting Your New Path Forward


These are uncertain, extraordinary times that the SAP family and the world are navigating together. The world is fundamentally evolving, and the challenge upon us is how to plan for life in this new world while continuously learning how best to adapt and thrive. 


For many years, SAPPHIRE NOW has brought together our customers, partners, and colleagues — the best of SAP, which traditionally takes place every May as a three-day event. We want to use the SAPPHIRE NOW platform to offer a different type of content — a series of conversations with leaders, thinkers, influencers, and experts to help our audiences navigate these challenging times.


Join SAP hosts and business executives, thought leaders, bestselling authors, well-known athletes, and innovators for candid conversations about the future of business and a world that is changing before our eyes. Each short episode will put viewers in the (virtual) room with luminaries who will share their insights on issues ranging from the future of workplace collaboration, to how leaders and managers need to think differently about engaging with their teams, to tips for staying our personal best during challenging times. Learn more about SAPPHIRE NOW Unplugged from SAP’s Global CMO, Alicia Tillman. 

Video Series

Helping you navigate through today’s challenges



We’re all navigating through this new normal together and we want to hear from you. After viewing each video in the series below, you’ll have an opportunity to give us your feedback.  Let us know if the content was useful and what other information you would like to see so we can deliver a great experience.



A Story of Resilience
Brian Duffy in conversation with Jo Malone CBE
Founder and Creative Director of Jo Loves


Jo Malone credits her global success and hunger for life itself to her very humble upbringing— her mother was a beautician and father, an artist. Jo discusses her battle with breast cancer and how she found the will and a way to carry on and never lose faith. Even though neither have a crystal ball, Jo and Brian look towards the future, expressing their confidence in the entrepreneurial spirit and generation of young business that will lead us through these difficult times.

A Time to Upskill and Reskill Talent
Jill Popelka in conversation with Susan Ferrier,
Group Executive, People and Culture at National Australia Bank


It’s times like these that really make us realize how essential people are to a company’s success. Susan takes us through NAB’s early days of crisis planning and how it has evolved to what it is today. She emphasizes the opportunity to upskill and reskill talent and how SuccessFactors is playing a vital role. Susan and Jill discuss what they believe the future of work will look like at NAB and how they are beginning to rethink business models in a post-pandemic world.

There’s No Playbook for
an Unchartered World
Alicia Tillman in conversation with John King,
Anchor + Chief National Correspondent, CNN


Whether it was the financial crisis of ’08 or the tragic events of 9/11, one thing remains true – there is no playbook on how to deal with large-scale global events. Alicia Tillman and John King discuss the spectrum of COVID-19 as not only a global economic issue, but the implications it has for public safety and mental well-being. As he shares his experiences reporting on crises all over the world, John reassures us that every crisis gives birth to new heroes.