Unlocking the Potential of a New Era



Watch the preview from SAP CEO Christian Klein:
“Let’s turn our biggest challenges into our greatest opportunities”


In this preview of the June 15 SAPPHIRE NOW Vision broadcast, hear Christian talk about SAP’s commitment to help customers continue to operate seamlessly through this current crisis, highlighting three major building blocks of intelligent enterprises that ensure resilience today and growth tomorrow. You'll also get a sneak peek into developments around industry-specific solutions and new breakthroughs in embedding sustainability as new dimension in SAP’s systems.

SAPPHIRE NOW Vision: Unlocking the Potential of a New Era
Broadcast Date: JUNE 15


Steering your company through the new reality might seem a daunting task, leaving you with little choice but to adapt and adjust. The good news: This can also be the chance to set a new course!


Join SAP CEO Christian Klein, members of the Executive Board of SAP and special guests to learn how to lead your organization in a period of crisis and economic recovery. 


Taking a deep dive into SAP’s strategy and solutions, the 60-minute broadcast on June 15, 2020 will focus on how becoming an intelligent enterprise:


  • encourages supply chain resiliency and ensures business continuity
  • enables new business models and unlocks growth potential
  • increases productivity and drives automation
  • fosters sustainability and counteracts climate change


In short: How becoming an Intelligent Enterprise enables you to be more resilient, profitable and sustainable – without sacrificing one for the other.


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