Workshop Synopsis

A summary on the workshop coverage

Workshop Synopsis

How to Influence Your Customers Influencers

What You will learn


Introduction to influence

  • The rise of influencer marketing
    • What influencer marketing is
    • Why all the fuss? Does it work? What’s the ROI?
    • What’s changed over the last 8 years?
    • What successful influencer marketing looks like
  • The psychology of persuasion
    • The six laws of persuasion (from the ‘father of influence’)
    • How to persuade your target market
    • How to persuade influencers to influence for you

What to influence

  • How are we currently influencing?
    • Lessons from the way you already influence your market
    • How to apply these lessons to your market’s influencers
  • Who should we influence?
    • Why you need to align your influencer program to the buying journey
    • How to identify who your influencers are
    • An approach to evaluate influencers

How to influence

  • Tactics to find and influence
    • The tactics of influence – 6 common influencer tactics
    • How to use each to create influence
  • Influence exchange (your strategy for influence)
    • How to build a 7-step framework for influence
    • How to build an end to end influencer program
    • Why influencer marketing is like fishing – burley (chum) creates hungry fish
  • Sustained influence
    • Why you need to maintain momentum
    • How to continue to enjoy the influence of your chosen influencers
    • How to grow your influence and ‘sack’ your non-performers
  • Your 90-day influencer plan
    • How to build a 90-day plan
    • What your first draft of that plan looks like

How to Build a ‘Killer’ Value Proposition

"It’s your job to hit people in the head with what makes you different and worth attention."
- Peter Sandeen, Kissmetrics
Over 600 of SAP’s Partners around the Globe have experienced this powerful 1 Day Workshop. Delivered by a SAP endorsed, subject matter expert who will guide our Partners how to…
  • In today’s Digital World, businesses have less than 60 seconds to hook buyers into a compelling Value Proposition. If you fail the buyer goes – “NEXT”!
  • Using Design Thinking principles, we will show our Partners how to reconstruct their Value Proposition to significantly increase buyer interest and engagement
  • Partners may have the best Value Proposition in the World – but how do they ensure it is highly visible to their buyers during the Digital Customer Journey? Our industry experts will show them how
  • How to continuously improve their Value Proposition using simple but effective test and improve methods


What you will learn:

Developing a Compelling Value Proposition

  • Why is a Killer Value Proposition mission critical in today’s B2B Technology Markets?
  • What the key business drivers and market drivers are today
  • Customer Centricity
  • A process how to Understand your Customer’s needs
  • How to map your Value Proposition to their Pain Points by role, by Industry, by GEO
  • The power of Personae based Marketing and how to build them
  • How to Map and Align your Value Proposition tightly to your Buyers Journey
  • KPI’s – what are they in relation to Value Prop Marketing
  • How and why you should measure them
  • What are the best communication vehicles, tools and platforms to ensure your Value Proposition(s) is/are highly visible to your target customer/markets?
  • Lite Process to construct your new Value Proposition
  • Deep dive process on how to unpack your current value proposition and repack it ensuring it connects to your Customers and Net New Markets


Digital Inbound & Outbound Lead Generation

"94% of B2B buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process."
- Accenture marketing Report
In this Award Winning 1 Day Knowledge Transfer Workshop, we guide our Partners how to win with Digital…
  • We show our Partners how to build a 4 pronged Digital & Social Go to Market Strategy designed to ensure their SAP practice is highly visible to net new buyers across key Digital and Social Media platforms
  • How to build a high volume, always on 24x7 InBound & Outbound Lead Generation Engine
  • Significantly reduce Cost of net new Customer Acquisition (CAC)
  • How to use Social Media content syndication tools where our Partners can reach thousands of potential buyers investing just 15 minutes per day!
  • Partners will learn how to increase ROI on their marketing investments by a minimum of 10%. We have seen 40% with some Partners


Things are changing:

For the Buyer

  • Business buyers are changing how they buy.
  • Buyers are largely self-directed.
  • The B2B market relies on social more than we think.
  • Often buyers are better at ignoring us than we are at ‘cutting through’.
  • Digital behaviour makes them look ‘skittish’, but at any point in time they are still ready for one type of message to help them progress. We need to ‘read’ buyer’s signals more than ever.
  • Buyers want very different messages from sellers in each of the product categories they buy in.

With Technology

  • People spend more time using their mobile instead of their desktop device – content must be mobile optimised.
  • To catch their attention, you have to be fast (and so does your website).
  • Often buyers only click the first 3 links that appear on Google.
  • The average time a user will wait for a website to load is 3 seconds.
  • Buyers are more inclined to make the 'first move’.

For the Seller

  • The importance of tightly aligning Sales and Marketing.                                       
  • The effectiveness of combining both inbound AND outbound marketing.
  • The flow of a basic Digital and Social Lead Generation Campaign.
  • Employees are contemporary brand advocates.
  • Modern marketing supports all six phases of the customer lifecycle.

Where are we pointing this new thing?

  • The importance of identifying the problem that you solve better than anyone else to target the businesses that really need you.
  • Key insights on how to prepare for the challenges of targeting the right market.
  • What an Ideal Client Profile is.
  • The power of social listening.
  • How to frame your thinking and your Digital and Social messaging with the buyers needs in mind.


Modern B2B campaigns


  • Cold calling is an effective tactic when you have done your research on the person.
  • Cold calling emails should be tailored to one person only.
  • As B2B businesses, we can use social media effectively to sell. 
  • When a person moves to a new role, you have a chance to start the conversation. 


  • Key ways to implement consumer intent (search) and demographics (display) advertising.
  • Utilising paid and organic search marketing to reach a wider audience.
  • An effective landing page and strong digital assets help turn web visitors into leads.
  • B2B remarketing is used to constantly remind the buyer about your product.
  • Tracking is important, it’ll give you insights on what to keep doing and what to stop.


  • Nurture campaigns are utilised to trouble and educate the market about the problem you solve best.
  • We can generate leads by consistently sending out content to our nurture audience.
  • Recycling those buyers who haven’t yet bought through remarketing.
  • When we combine Marketing Automation with a CRM, we can generate more satisfied and profitable leads.
  • Ensure your Brand and Value Proposition remains front of mind when the prospect is ready to progress and not go to the Competition driven by Search.


What does ‘good’ digital look like

  • How to create your own list and keep it updated.
  • Social media attracts, raises awareness and when done well, sells.
  • Prospect value: 1000 social media likes = 1 good email contact.
  • Leverage leads through digital assets and landing pages by incorporating a clear CTA.
  • Search Engine Optimisation helps you to get good leads (the ones that fit your ICP). 
  • The use of trigger campaigns to warm up your prospects and keep them engaged with your content before the offer.
  • The six important elements you should consider when building a remarketing campaign.


Thought Leadership Best Practices

"Rather than emulating what other people are writing and teaching, learn how to position your brand as the go-to expert in your industry."
- Source: Digital Marketing Institute
Over 1100 of SAP’s Partners around the Globe have experienced this powerful 1 Day Workshop. Delivered by a SAP endorsed, subject matter expert who will guide our Partners how to…
  • Understand why Thought Leadership is mission critical in today’s Digital and highly Social On Line World
  • Build and Position the Company Brand as a Thought Leader to buyers and influencers
  • Build and Position Partner Personnel as Thought Leaders to their prospects and customers
  • People buy from People they trust. Thought Leaders are trusted by Buyers even though they may never have actually met.
  • How our Partners can apply Thought Leadership to shape and influence the target Customers Buyers Journey. By Role. By Industry

Why is Thought Leadership so important?

It enables you to display expertise:

  • Identify insights that are unique to your business
  • Create original content that is valuable
  • Identify third-party content to leverage
  • Publish this content to position yourself as an authority
  • Encourage this content to be shared to amplify the message


Shape the concept of the buyers’ problem and position as a leader

  • Shape your buyers’ concept about the problem
  • Position your company as the leader – the company who most understand this problem

What is the impact of time?

Time is critical. We should:

  • Act quickly with those who show interest
  • Remove stalled sales leads from the funnel; and
  • Nurture them rhythmically

How to source content

  • We can easily source content from others to increase the volume we push out
  • Our content shapes the buyers’ concept of their problem
  • Our content grid is focused on this problem, and tells many stories of this problem without becoming repetitious

How to create your own content

  • When we do create, we need to tell the whole story, and shape our message differently according to the market’s maturity
  • We need to leverage our content, and can do so across many mediums

How to promote your Thought Leadership content

  • SEO is ‘arguably’ free, but paid-per-click advertising gives you faster learning
  • That one great asset can be amplified into many bites of content
  • Leverage tools to make promoting content more efficient

How to measure what is working, and what is not

  • To report on traffic, followers and mentions
  • Experiment often to improve, but test only one thing at a time


How to Win in the Cloud with the SAP Cloud Customer LifeCycle

Ultimately, the cloud is the latest example of Schumpeterian creative destruction: creating wealth for those who exploit it: and leading to the demise of those who don’t.

Joe Weinman. Senior VP at TLX


Over 1100 of SAP’s Partners around the Globe have experienced this powerful 1 Day Workshop. Delivered by a SAP endorsed, subject matter expert you will learn:

  • An opportunity for Partners to improve profitability with SAP’s
    360 degree Customer Engagement Program
  • We show our Partners how to minimize Customer Churn
  • Significantly improve Lifetime Customer Revenues
  • Build an easy to understand Go to Market Strategy that is Customer Centric
  • Secure and maximize incremental revenues after the 1st deal
  • Build a ‘Volume’ demand generation engine where Customers
    reach out to our Partners
  • Detail the huge ROI from Sales and Marketing working as 1 team


What You Will Learn.

  • Cloud Buyers buy differently
    •  Major change is driven by Cloud solutions, which drive the shift from buying a product to subscribing to a service.
    • In a digital world where information is widely available, buying behaviours have changed
    • Self-education dominates in the early stage, forcing vendors to redefine Sales and Marketing roles.
  •  It’s all changing for the Cloud Seller too
    •  The marketing funnel, which stopped at customer acquisition, is outdated and irrelevant
    • The new role of marketing is an ongoing one in close collaboration with sales, starting with acquisition and key to customer retention
  • The SAP Cloud Customer Lifecycle
    •  Consists of the following 6 phases:
      • Explore
      • Evaluate
      • Buy
      • Engage
      • Optimise
      • Expand
    • Instead of a funnel, think more of a wheel
    • There is no stop and every stage is important
    • Buyers & customers move in and out of every stage

Marketing once owned only the Explore phase of the cycle. Now, Marketing must be aligned with Sales, engaging and supporting all 6 phases.


  • Building a Good Value Proposition
    • The most difficult and most important element for success is having a strong and differentiated value proposition that speaks directly to your customer.
    • A Value Proposition
      • How products solve problems or improve situations
      • What specific benefits customers can expect
      • Why customers should buy from you over your competitors
  • Cloud Economics
    • How does a SaaS business make money?
    • How can we optimize Customer Lifetime Value?
    • The Land-and-Expand Value Roadmap approach
    • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs
    • Reduce Churn
  • Cloud Challenges for the Seller
    • Entrepreneurial Leadership
      • Dedicated Focus
      • Lifetime Value Expectations
      • Value Proposition
      • Specialized organization
      • Leveraging Best Practices
  • SAP Virtual Agency
    • Learn how to create, manage and execute marketing campaigns, events and web pages; build customized marketing plans; search for and download support resources using SAP’s Demand Management Marketing Platform