Port Innovation Conference 2019
Singapore, 24-25 September 2019
This conference will provide you with insights on best practices and state-of-the art solutions from SAP, a leading software provider for the industry, and
HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH, an internationally renowned consulting firm with long-standing experience in the global port, transport and logistics sector.
Featured Topics

What does your future terminal look like? Will the new layout be efficient? These concerns can be addressed with modern simulation technologies. Learn about simulation of container flows, asset utilization and more

How can new technologies like optimization algorithms, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things lift terminal operation to the next level? And how can they be integrated in an end-to-end Intelligent Enterprise? Understand what Terminal Operating Systems of the future look like.

Digitalization has changed the way businesses and people interact. Can we have the same effect in Port Collaboration scenarios? What does it take to simplify the communication among terminals, port authorities, shipping lines etc.?