It takes agility to go vertical

Bring your industry or business usecase to the cloud with SAP expert guidance by joining the Sprint1 program

Sprint1 is an on-invitation program designed for partners who wish to create business value for Customers by developing extensions or integrations in the world of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). 

Sprint1 -


In the Scrum agile methodology software developmemt teams break their work into goals that can be completed within short time-boxed iterations called sprints. Sprint1 allows you to promote your usecase with an MVP demo that is achieved in 4 simple steps: the first sprint!


Each Sprint1 event focuses on an industry, a line of business or a business theme. It bundles dedicated enablement and support to 8-15 carefully selected partners with curated usecases. Sprint1 events are tailored to the topic in focus and participants needs.


Sprint1 partners are not competing against each other but fueled by the same objective to demonstrate their SAP Cloud readiness to a panel of executives. Partners might involve a customer member in their team. 


Partner usecases are reviewed and validated.


With tailored

enablement & coaching


Minimum viable product

is developed 


Usecase is ready for 

development and marketing



Go to the events page and register for the Sprint1 theme that best suits your goals. You should begin to prepare your use case for submission. Of course you can contact us at anytime if you have questions.



Build your team, typically 3-5 members including developers, consultants and business experts. You will be the ones to develop and demo live the prototype that is based on your use case.



Sprint1 is a unique opportunity to validate both the architecture and business value of your proposition with a unique combination of SAP experts from development, product and go-to-market specialists.

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June-Sept 2022

SPRINT1 for Utilities Industry Cloud Edition 2022



June - 2022

The experience of Utilities SPRINT1 Industry Cloud Edition 2021


Feb -2021

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