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Five Reasons to Attend SuccessConnect


We are all employees. Even in HR, where it’s our job to shape the employee experience, we know the day-to-day struggles and rewards, the tasks and to-dos, and the desire to learn and grow and improve. So how can we change work for good? As HR leaders, our ultimate goal is to rethink and reinvent human resources by changing the work experience for every employee. As businesses grow and change, we can remain focused on helping people be more productive, more engaged, and more likely to keep improving – helping the entire organization grow. 


1.  Learn from Distinguished Customer Speakers and HR Thought Leaders

SuccessConnect will feature a fantastic lineup of speakers who will offer critical insights on how to hire the best talent and develop an engaged and motivated workforce. You will learn what employees need now and going forward to ensure you retain top talent and continue to advocate for their success. 

Shari Eaton
SVP, Global Head of People
Cassidy Rouse
GM, Corporate Wellness
Carmina Sander
Director of Human Resources
Farmacias San Pablo (Unifar)
Arun Serikar
Global Director HR Technology & Digital Transformation
Doug Anderson
Director, HR Operations & Analytics
Corning Incorporated
Caroline C. Werner
Senior Vice President, Global Talent
Korn Ferry
Emilee Johnson
Director, Customer Enablement & Operations

2. Join Discussions on How You Can Change Work for Good

Learn more about the technology it takes and the innovations that HXM solutions from SAP make possible to help your organization hire top talent, develop and engage the workforce, and transition to the cloud. Plus, don’t miss the live Q&A with SAP SuccessFactors executives.

Andrew Stotter-Brooks
Vice President Learning & Development
Etihad Aviation Group
Jill Popelka
SAP SuccessFactors
Kris Sisco
Senior HR Analyst
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
MaryAnn Abbajay
Chief Revenue Officer
SAP SuccessFactors
Meg Bear
Chief Product Officer
SAP SuccessFactors
Amy Wilson
SVP, Products and Design
SAP SuccessFactors

3. Explore How to Strengthen Your Organization with Innovative Technology

Discover how to make your organization more resilient while improving the employee experience with help from SAP technology. Learn from solution experts on what’s new and what’s coming with our products, and gain valuable insights into how we future-proof your cloud infrastructure so you can reach new frontiers in HXM. Session topics include:

  • Corning: Empower Every Employee from Anywhere
  • Human Experience Management Technology Road Map – What’s New and What’s Cooking
  • How We Future-Proof Your Cloud Infrastructure to Reach New Frontiers in Human Experience Management
  • Reimagining the User Experience Across SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
Ben Windhorst
DTO & IT Director
Rebecca G. Chandler
Learning Experience Manager
Corning Incorporated
María José Rodríguez
HR Planning and Project Manager
Banco Atlántida
Stacie Overbaugh
Group VP of Platform & Experience Product Management
SAP SuccessFactors
Mark McCauley
Chief Technology & Security Strategist
Ankur Bhatt
Group VP, Cloud Management and Migration

4. Discover How to Attract the Best Talent in a Hybrid World of Work

Gain cutting-edge insights on how to hire top-tier talent and retain employees over the long term. Learn from industry experts on how to find talent faster and prepare your employees for an ever-changing world of work. Session topics include:

  • Learn 5 Tips from CHS & Unifar to Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Today
  • Experience How SAP Runs SAP: 10 Candidate Listening Insights Revealed and the Actions Taken to Drive Better Results 
  • Road Map for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Solutions: What’s New and What’s Coming
  • Building Tomorrow’s Workforce Today: How Technology Is Accelerating Talent Acquisition (SuccessConnect Americas only)
Renee Burk
Talent Acquisition Operations Manager
CHS Inc.
Collin Conroy
Director HR Technology & Service Center
CHS Inc.
Jim Stefanchin
EdD, Research Director of Human Capital Management Practice
Arbedeen Strategy and Research
Steven T. Hunt
PhD, Chief Expert on Work & Technology
SAP Innovation Office

5. Gain Insights on How to Help Your Employees Learn and Grow

The year 2020 brought considerable changes to the way employees learn, grow, and work day to day, and those needs will continue to shift over the next several years. From upskilling and reskilling to shifting to a hybrid or fully remote environment, gaining insights on how to navigate this ever-changing landscape is critical to your organization and growth as an HR leader. Session topics include:

  • Corning, Celigo, and Korn Ferry: Unlock Learner Success Through Reinvented Personalized Learning
  • Product Spotlight: Improve Internal Mobility and Increase Retention with SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace
  • Product Demo: Boost Productivity and Engagement with an Employee-Centric Digital Experience
  • Building an L&D Strategy for a Hybrid World
Xiomara Harris
Collaboration and Learning Experience Manager
Corning Incorporated
Andy Shean
VP, Global Learning and Engagement
SAP SuccessFactors
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