SAP DemoJam

SAP DemoJam

The Ultimate Developer Competition

Congratulations to Keytree

2016 DemoJam Winner

Demo: StudyWare


StudyWare by InnoNoobs is a mobile application that tracks students' academic performance both in and out of the classroom using vital data collected from wearables. StudyWare rewards students for good study practices and provides schools real-time insight about their student populations' academic profiles.


Molly MacDonald, Dalhousie University
Christopher Williams, Indiana University

14 Bis

Demo: Liquid Workforce


Liquid Research Workforce is a platform to protect and connect the research community at large. The platform tackles a real problem that generates losses of $80B just in the U.S. It brings together academic and corporate researchers and funding entities, at the same time providing a trustful relationship by seamlessly ensuring intellectual property traceability, crowdsourcing financing, and an improved patents processing through the use of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence – such as ChatBots and Machine Learning – powered by SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Jam. 


Daniel Franulovic and Roberto Frossard, Accenture


Demo: Better Education University


The beApp both rewards and informs students around campus. Students can check their class schedule, connect with classmates, get directions, and join societies and groups – all through the app which is connected to SAP Jam. Using custom open social widgets, beApp rewards good behavior such as punctuality, academic excellence, and being a good citizen around campus. Students can gain “Excellence Reward” points which can be spent in campus stores or traded with fellow students in return for services. The beApp also interfaces with specific academic activities, specifically a physics class in which we use a Microsoft HoloLens to demonstrate how a learning task can be connected to SAP software.


Nic Doodson and Will Powell, Keytree 

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