Developer Garage

Developer Garage

Get hands-on experience

with the latest SAP products

and technologies
Visit the Developer Garage to get your hands on the latest SAP products. Meet the experts and get started building your first apps.

App Space

A self-paced space for you to learn with hands-on tutorials and start building your first solutions with the latest SAP products and support from the experts. This year’s tutorials will cover topics such as building your first full-stack application on SAP Cloud Platform, getting started with SAP Cloud PlatformABAP environment, customizing CDS (core data services) views for creating reports in SAP S/4HANA, and extending an SAP Enterprise Portal component with advanced capabilities.


In addition, experience the interoperability between SAP and partner platforms via step-by-step tutorials. 

  • Apple: Learn how to develop an SAP Fiori app with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and see the latest demos for iOS in the Apple App Space.
  • AWS: Discover how to consume Amazon Athena data in the express edition of your SAP HANA business data platform environment using SAP HANA smart data access​ and watch related demos in the AWS area.
  • Google: Learn how to integrate SAP HANA, express edition, and Google BigQuery in a cloud-native application with SAP HANA extended application services​ or how to create your first Android application with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android and SAP Fiori​ in the Google App Space.
  • Microsoft: Discover how to connect Microsoft Office 365 and SAP data through an SAPUI5 app​ and watch the demos in the Microsoft App Space area.


SAP CodeJam (Mini-Editions)
Hands-on coding sessions led by SAP experts for people interested in learning more and getting started with SAP technology, platforms, and tools. This year, topics include SAP Cloud Platform workflows, SAP Web IDE, SAP HANA as a service, SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK, and more.
Code Review
Code Review Sessions and Community Showcase

Assess real code examples and discover new tips and techniques for writing quality code. And hear from members of SAP Community about building your professional brand, community engagement, becoming an influencer, and more.

Community Lounge

Take your first steps to building your own brand in the world of SAP. Get a new profile photo taken by a professional photographer and immediately add it to your SAP Community profile. Enable your notifications and start following the content that interests you the most and share your own experiences with the community.


While at the lounge, take part in the Capture the Flag contest. Stop by the SAP Runs SAP demo area to check out how developers at SAP are building an efficient workplace leveraging SAP products and tools such as SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities, SAP Enterprise Chatbot, augmented reality, and more.

Community Lounge
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