Show Floor

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Hall D

Wednesday: Noon–5:30 p.m.
Thursday: 8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

Show Floor

The SAP TechEd show floor in Bangalore brings together everyone in a single hall for three days of learning and exploration with SAP. Lecture sessions, hands-on workshops, mini-theater presentations, and interactive content are all in Hall 4 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC). What better way to invest your time and connect with your peers?


Explore SAP Products, Solutions, and Offerings

Explore our topic pods and showcases to learn more about what’s going on at SAP today. Immerse yourself in an array of exciting demos, mini-theater presentations, and show floor sessions designed to show off the best and most innovative ideas SAP has to offer.


Developers Garage

Come to the Developers Garage to explore, connect, and refresh your skills. In our Code Review sessions, you’ll not only get to see real code, but you’ll also find ways to tweak it to make it better. In mini-versions of our SAP CodeJam events, collaborate with fellow developers in hands-on coding sessions. Working on a different platform? No problem. Apple and Google are on-site in the Developers Garage, and will show how our partnerships are helping make your multi-Cloud strategy a reality. At our App Space, you’ll even be able to build your own apps and deploy them before you go home.


Exhibiting Partners

Several SAP partners are at the ready to help extend your solutions and expand your knowledge. We have one of the largest and most active global partner programs in the industry, and one of them might have the solution your organization has been looking for.


Strategy and Innovation Talks

Our Strategy Talks are the place to learn about what’s happening with SAP technology in relation to key topics mentioned in our executive keynote. The Innovation Talks reveal what’s going on in the IT industry now and how it impacts you and your peers, today and tomorrow. Give your career a boost, and join one of the 20-minute presentations from the smartest minds working at and with SAP today.


SAP Community

The SAP Community is on the show floor at the heart of what’s going on. Stop by the booth to experience the new platform. The community is the place where you can relax and connect with like-minded new friends. Come by to play a game, snap a selfie, or learn how you can become digital with colleagues just like yourself.

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SAP Mentors

Meet some of the top community influencers and experts from the SAP ecosystem. This team of experts is bringing their experience and yours to life at SAP TechEd. Visit their booth for a glass of lemonade, join in the morning ”Mindfulness Moment”, or pick their brains on a tour or in a skills seminar. See Mentors activities in Barcelona.

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SAP Mentor Seminar Abstracts

Daily Show Floor Tours

The SAP Mentors will provide critical view of what to look for on the show floor with a guided tour. These veteran TechEd attendees will point out the new and hot topics, as well as their favorite booths to visit. Meet at the Mentors Booth on the Show Floor.


Mindfulness Moments

TechEd can be a challenging week. Join SAP Mentors for a 15-minute Mindfulness Moment where you will be guided through breathing and relaxation exercises. You will start your day more focused and relaxed. Feel free to join each day – same time, same place. Ommmm….


Meet the Mentors

You know them by name. Now SAP Mentors are on the show floor! Come by the SAP Mentors booth in the Community Clubhouse, and say “Hi!” in person. You might even want to ask them for advice about one of your current SAP projects while you’re here. Check who’s available when, and what’s their expertise are in the schedule below.


Soft skills seminars
Not just Tech! SAP TechEd offers you seminars in Soft Skills to improve your personal branding, communications, empathy and design thinking. Stop by the SAP Mentors Room to get an even deeper experience at SAP TechEd.


Realizing and Inspiring Empathy Though Storytelling
Are you a technical master struggling to tell the story of your product? Come join this workshop. To inspire people to action, it's not enough to present facts and figures. We must realize our empathy to inspire the audience's empathy. A skill often practiced to do so is storytelling. In this workshop, volunteers will practice realizing empathy through storytelling. Others will provide feedback to the volunteers and learn from observation. The story should be business-related (i.e. selling a product, selling yourself to an employer, getting a raise, etc)


The Basics of Communications

While many SAP TechEd sessions focus on product knowledge and technical skills, soft skills may as well be an important factor: Software development and implementation is a team activity and communication is key to success. In this session, the basics of human communication (4 sides of a message) will be reflected. This knowledge may be applied to reduce misunderstandings and help solve conflicts following the Harvard Concept.


SAP Next-Gen Clubs MeetUps

Join your peers in the Community Clubhouse to share in the discussions around Innovation with Purpose. Sixteen of the Next-Gen clubs focusing on technologies, industries, and methodologies will be represented at SAP TechEd. Every 30 minutes is a chance to meet someone new who is interested in the same subjects as you. When you come by for a snack or a coffee (or a beer), take a moment to join in the conversation and hear from some of the same great thought leaders delivering our Innovation Talks.


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Topics include:

  • AI
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Drones
  • Exponential Thinking
  • Futurists
  • Innovation Accelerator
  • iOS Apps
  • IoT