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Our eight conference tracks are listed below, each representing a critical technology area. Each track contains a selection of “journeys” designed to help you achieve your professional goals as fast as possible.


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Integration Out-of-the-Box


Integration will soon account for 50% of the time and cost of building a digital platform. If you’re looking to deploy SAP solutions across the enterprise, there are tips and tricks available to help you get there faster. Find out how you can use master data management and interoperability to realize the full potential of the intelligent enterprise, and get ready to extend your SAP system capabilities to third-party solutions or future SAP offerings.

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Application Landscapes and

Cloud-Native Architectures


To run seamlessly in the cloud, you need to detach the application from the infrastructure. The open source community is enabling applications to operate and port seamlessly across multiple clouds and on-premise deployments through SAP technologies. This track explores containers, DevOps, development tools, an “API-first” architecture, and cloud platforms. Find out how you can become more agile now and reduce TCO through multitenancy, elasticity, and resource sharing.

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Consumer-Grade Experience


With the consumerization of IT, enterprise users expect experiences equal to that of consumer applications. SAP offers humanized, context-aware experiences with conversational UX and natural language processing. In addition to the end-user experience, this track focuses on the experiences of technicians, designers, and business experts in working with digital platforms and UI technologies, with voice and chatbots, and even with VR and AR.

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Applied Intelligence


Innovative technologies have become operational. This has extended enterprise technology skills into the realm of machine learning, IoT, and blockchain. But these technologies must be applied to and embedded within enterprise applications to deliver value and unleash the power of SAP analytics. Get the answers to how you can make digital transformation a reality for your team.

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Next-Gen Data Management


You need the ability to access insights and act on high-quality data wherever it resides. SAP enables simplified, secure, and governed enterprise-class applications and analytics across a heterogeneous data landscape. If you work with distributed data management in the cloud; enterprise data lakes; automated data preparation; or unified, real-time, out-of-the-box analytics, these journeys will support your goals. Discover new insights, simplify data management, and get ready for compliance.

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Open Platform


Open platforms bring agility to your system and your work. SAP supports open APIs and open source software to spur innovation across the ecosystem from enterprise to startup. Use these classes to learn how to leverage the best of open technology to scale your software, save on costs, and create meaningful outcomes for your group.

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Security by Default


Security is a top-of-mind concern and embedded within systems from inception. If cybersecurity in application design or if data protection and privacy are your driving concerns, you’ll find the answers you need in these sessions. Learn about threat mitigation, built-in security awareness, and compliance with the latest data privacy regulations.

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Explore SAP


The SAP technology portfolio is broad and comprehensive. Our solutions provide the technology and services to simplify how to run your enterprise, IT infrastructure, or line of business. Understanding how best to plan your SAP deployments both now and in the future can be a daunting task in and of itself. Learn the ins and outs of SAP’s solution strategy and services, get your feet wet with what’s new and unexplored, or see the road map you need to plan for tomorrow.

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Session Policies


Hands-On Workshops with Reserved Seating

Our two-hour and four-hour hands-on workshops are instructor-led and include hands-on learning and applicable exercises. Two students share one laptop. The instructor may offer time for questions and open discussion at the end of the workshop. Advance sign-up is now available to attendees through the Agenda Builder and is required for reserved seating.


Attendees may reserve seats for up to three hands-on workshops on a first-come, first-served basis.


Plan to sign up as early as possible to reserve a seat. Review the session details for any prerequisites to ensure you are fully qualified to attend.


Please note: Arrive at least five minutes before the scheduled session start time, as a reservation only guarantees a seat if you arrive on time. Once the session starts, open seats will be released to those waiting in line (first come, first served).


Attendees may attend any hands-on workshop with open seats, including audit seats, at the start of the workshop on a first-come, first-served basis. Audit seats allow you to observe a workshop from the back of the session room.


Design Thinking Sessions:

These interactive workshops use design thinking methodology to address a specific problem. They have a set number of seats, so please reserve your seat through the Agenda Builder to ensure you can attend.



Sessions with Open Seating

Seating for the following sessions is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats in these sessions cannot be reserved. However, you will be able to add them to your personal agenda approximately one month before the conference.



Gain insight into SAP strategy and product direction from the executive leadership team.


Lecture Sessions:

Our one-hour lecture sessions are instructor-led and may include in-depth Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and/or online demonstrations. Review the session details for any prerequisites to ensure you are fully qualified to attend. The instructor may offer time for questions and open discussion at the end of the session. Lecture sessions are held on levels 2-4.


Road Map Sessions:

These sessions focus on specific product road maps that are covered at a high level in the lecture sessions.


SAP CodeJam (Mini-Editions):

Our mini-editions of SAP CodeJam give participants an opportunity to meet one-on-one with SAP development experts, connect with other developers, share knowledge, and have a little fun coding!


Code Review Sessions:

An opportunity for attendees to openly review and discuss real code, share knowledge, improve designs, and expand their capabilities. Participants work collaboratively to assess real code examples – provided by SAP employees and even attendees – and evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly in an interactive environment.



Session Levels

Expand Your Skills

Session Handouts

All attendees have online access to select hands-on workshop and lecture session presentations, exercises, and other materials.


Maximum Session Capacity

Session capacity is strictly limited to the seating capacity of the classroom. Overcrowded or standing-room-only classrooms are not permitted.



All conference sessions take place at the Venetian|Palazzo Congress Center (VPCC). We conduct all sessions in English. All conference and session information is subject to change or cancellation.



SAP shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from errors or omissions in its conference materials, nor shall SAP be liable for any damages resulting from the use of its conference materials or other information conveyed at SAP TechEd Las Vegas. SAP specifically disclaims, and will not be responsible for, any personal injury or property damage arising from or in connection with attendance at SAP TechEd Las Vegas or participation in any of the SAP TechEd Las Vegas activities or events. SAP reserves the right to refuse or cancel any registration at any time.

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