Computer Network Security

Computer Network Security

Required of All Exhibitors



Due: September 1, 2017

All devices directly or indirectly accessing the SAP TechEd Las Vegas network and Internet connection are required to have the latest virus protection software, Windows security updates, system patches, and any technological cautions necessary to protect exhibitors and others from viruses, malicious programs, and other disruptive applications.


Included with each Gold Plus and Gold level exhibit packages are four high-speed Internet connections and each Silver level package receives two connections. In order for these connections to be made live in your booth, a completed Computer Network Security Form must be completed. For Platinum level exhibitors, Internet is available to order through SES.


  • To complete the form, please: Log in to your Exhibitor Console
  • Go to your Task List / Required Actions
  • Find Computer Network Security, click on "Complete Now", and complete the form


Misuse of network services may result in service interruption to exhibitors and other customers and will lead to disconnection of the initiating exhibitor's network equipment.