Strategy and Activities Form

Strategy and Activities Form

Required of All Exhibitors



Due: September 1, 2017

Many promotions, where prizes will be awarded in a random drawing or contest, are regulated and will be subject to the prior written approval of the State of Nevada, the Venetian and Palazzo Hotel and/or SAP. If planning such a promotion, contact your exhibit manager for the required submission form.


A Strategy and Activities Form is required of all exhibitors. Each exhibitor must submit information regarding their presence and messaging at the conference. The information is for internal SAP use only. To complete the form:


  • Log in to your Exhibitor Console
  • Go to your Task List / Required Actions
  • Find Strategy and Activities, click on "Complete Now," and complete the form. Submit an updated form (using the same process) if any of your information changes or if you have new information to add. Refer to the Rules and Regulations [to come] and the Exhibitor Resource Guide (to come) for event guidelines on this Web site.