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SAP TechEd in 2020

Open, accessible and vital.


Join the most get-at-able SAP TechEd event ever.
Hundreds of sessions.
Hands-on virtual workshops.
Community opportunities.
Free to participate.
December 8–10, 2020
Sign-up opens early November.

SAP TechEd in 2020

Hands-on workshops go online.
They're back again... and now online.
120-minute hands-on experience.
Led by SAP product managers and developers.
Small group virtual settings.

Limited capacity.
Sign-up required and opens in November.
Two workshop limit per attendee.

Celebrate What Makes

Us Developers
Educational sessions: August 24–October 23
Build week: October 24–November 1
Winners' announcement: December 8–9

Tune in for tech talk. Stay for inspiration. Upskill your future.

Make SAP TechEd this December's short-term

time investment for your long-term career path


Sign-up is free; registration opens early November 2020.  Join us from the convenience of your own personal workspace for our 48-hour virtual tech event. Spend some time with us in December, and we will get you prepared with the skills, insight and know-how you need for success and growth in 2021:


All day – and all of the night.

48-hour non-stop experience, featuring live, simulive and on-demand sessions to sharpen your tech skills​


To know is to grow.

Keynotes, training, education, hands-on workshops and more opportunities to strengthen your personal development​


Your single source destination for innovation.

Get SAP insights on technology, development, and future trends to stay ahead of the curve​


Peak perspective from the pros.  ​

Hear from SAP experts, customers, and partners on tech best practices. Get the big picture and understand the value of an integrated intelligent enterprise for your organization​


And there's more to explore...

Register and you will have exclusive access to SAP Learning Hub and the SAP Community for additional collaboration and education opportunities

Channel 1: 

Your Gateway to SAP TechEd in 2020


A non-stop, 48 hour continuous broadcast channel experience

Channel 1 is your central resource of information about SAP TechEd in 2020. Watch the executive keynotes, strategy talks, expert sessions to find out the latest news and updates about SAP’s strategy and products. Hear directly from customers about their experiences and lessons learned, connect with community members as they share their projects and journeys, and participate in live discussions and Q&A sessions with SAP experts and community members.

Livestream on Channel 1

SAP TechEd Track Topics

Sharpen your skills and give your knowledge a tech tune-up

Eight tracks of today’s most relevant tech topics, each supported by a learning journey, to help guide you through your learning opportunities. Choose from more than 500+ sessions, built in different formats, to suit your time and learning needs: ​


  • Integrated Intelligent Suite​
  • Digital Transformation with Intelligent ERP​
  • Customer Experience​
  • Analytics​
  • Database and Data Management​
  • Intelligent Technologies​
  • Application Development and Integration​
  • Partner Community​
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