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Demo-Rich Lectures

Dive deep with SAP technology
and platform experts

Strategy Talks

Hear strategy and future
direction for SAP products

Road Map Q&As

Get a detailed understanding of SAP's current product road maps

Code Reviews

Assess real code examples and learn new tips and techniques

SAP CodeJam (Mini-Editions)

Collaborate with developers during hands-on coding sessions

Best Practices

Learn from the real-world
experiences of SAP customers

Partner Presentations

Hear about the latest solutions and
best practices from SAP partners

Product Influencing Sessions

Discuss future functionality
with SAP product experts

Community Sessions

Experts from the SAP community
share their advice

Networking Sessions

Chat with conference speakers,
SAP mentors, and other experts

These interactive workshops
use design thinking methology to address a specific problem.

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Great, in-depth technical content and
hands-on exposure to new products

Troy Thurston, Hunter Douglas, Inc.

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