Tracks and Sessions

Tracks and Sessions

Sharpen your skills and

give your knowledge a tech tune-up
Track Topics


Eight tracks of today’s most relevant tech topics, each supported by a learning journey, to help guide you through your learning opportunities. Choose from more than 500+ sessions, built in different formats, to suit your time and learning needs: 

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SAP TechEd Sessions

Designed and built for the time that fits your needs​


Who’s got the time? We do! With over 400 sessions to choose from, SAP TechEd in 2020 provides several options for you to build out a learning schedule that best fits your needs, interest and time. Keep it short and to the point with 20 minute offerings, or go deep and technical with 120 minute workshop experiences. The choice is yours to make. 






Got 15 minutes? We have:​


Channel 1, including keynotes, expert segments and more. This channel is always-on during SAP TechEd for you to visit


20 minutes to spare? Look for:​


Lecture-style breakout sessions from SAP developers​


Expert Q&A interactive sessions, live with SAP leaders and community (limited capacity – signup required)

Give us 30 minutes and we will give you:​


Lecture-style strategy talks from SAP leaders and visionaries about strategy and SAP portfolio direction​


Lecture-style roadmap discussions with SAP product managers around current and future product enhancement



40 minutes? Join us at:​


Lecture-style sessions from SAP product managers, developers or customers that deliver engineering role-based insights



120 minutes available?


Hands-on workshops, featuring live and interactive experiences, including hands-on coding with SAP products (limited capacity – signup required)

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