SAP Community Lounge

Show Floor

SAP Community Lounge
The SAP Community Lounge offers a chance to recharge, catch up, and even find some inspiration off the beaten path.  A mix of playlists, professional headshots, puppies and other experiences await your visit!


Your SAP Community Lounge experience includes:

  • Plug Your Playlist
    It's time to play favorites. Jot down your favorite music playlist here, then add it to the board to share with orders. Relax, Plug in, and Play it Forward.
  • MeetUps
    Get together industry experts to discuss technology topics your interested in.
  • Conference Guidance
    Let us help you find a session, connect with an expert, or discover a new destination!
  • SAP Runs SAP 
  • Chatbots
  • Headshots
    Ready for your close up? Swing by, smile, and walk away with a professional headshot to share on your Community profile!
  • "Visualize the Future" Mural
  • Theater 2
    Get a glimpse of what excites the SAP Community in the Community Talks. Continue the conversation in Discussion Room 2 following each session.