at SAP TechEd

The focus of SAP’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts builds on our vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. By working closely with our world class partners and vendors and their own high sustainability standards, we are able to achieve impressive results at SAP TechEd.


Travel Smart:

Help SAP reduce the emission of greenhouse gases! We are calculating the amount of unavoidable emissions generated by travelling conference participants, so that we can then match or surpass reduction or prevention of emissions in areas where we DO have control. Answer a simple five-step travel survey and you are on your way to contributing to our carbon offset effort! 


Fill it Up:

SAP TechEd is committed to reducing our use of single-use plastic bottles.  When you collect your badge at registration, you will receive an SAP TechEd water bottle.  Keep it with you throughout the conference and refill it at water stations throughout the venue. Together, we can make a difference!


Sustainable Badges:

In our continued effort to utilize sustainable event materials, we are using wooden conference badges instead of plastic covered paper badges for SAP TechEd Bangalore in 2019. 


Banners and Booths:

Our showfloor is going green!  All conference banners are made from 100% recyclable cloth and booths are constructed from recycled wood chipboard.  


Mobile App:

We will deliver conference information through the event mobile app and online conference website to significantly reduce printed material usage.


Questions/Contact Info:

For further information, questions, comments please contact: