Successfully Move to Cloud ERP with SAP

Discover our free Cloud ERP Transformation offering, led by SAP experts and selected customers. You'll gain a deep understanding and unique insights into why, what, and how to successfully manage your transformation to Cloud ERP.

Move to Cloud ERP - A Practical Guide

The offering is designed for business and IT professionals whose organizations are in the planning or implementation stages of their Cloud ERP projects, or who are already live with Cloud ERP and seeking continuous process improvement. Register once and attend all or just selected webcasts. Join our weekly webcasts to learn more!


Why to transform?
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Strategic Choices - Your Transformation to Cloud ERP
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Executing Your Cloud ERP Project
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SAP Customer Evolution Program

The SAP Customer Evolution Program accelerates our installed base customers' journey toward an intelligent, sustainable enterprise across solution areas by bringing together best practices from SAP, latest innovations, services and tools, and the powerful SAP ecosystem. 

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