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Experience and knowledge from more than 44 years, >3,000 solutions, 12 lines of businesses and 25 industries:

All this is concentrated in the Intelligent Enterprise truck by SAP. 

Join us on the road and discover how exciting innovation and digital transformation should be. And how it impacts your business!

Overview Industries
Public Services & Health Care
Munich: Digital administration 2025

The Municipality of Munich works together with SAP on the development and implementation of digital administration. The focus is on the "Rathaus-APP". With this app, citizens can save themselves many visits to the city hall: In the future, it will be possible to register a dog via an app, and artificial intelligence will use a picture to identify which dog it is and what tax has to be paid for it.

Bucharest: Stop illegal deforestation

At our stop in Bucharest, we showed how SAP helps to prevent illegal deforestation. Reused old smartphone sensors are installed in forests, record ambient noise and evaluate it. Intervention teams can then interfere in the shortest possible time.

Dresden: The Future of Energy Supply

In Dresden, the SAP Truck was the starting point for a 4-day Thin[gk]athon. Developers from numerous companies worked together to come up with 4 innovative solutions designed to make life easier for citizens and administrators with intelligent energy distribution systems. On top of this we hosted customers from the Utilities and Public Sector and even the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer.

Smart Cities in Bratislava

How does automated waste collection work? Which traffic management, parking and document management system will optimize public administrations in the future? SAP Truck presented these and other exciting solutions for Smart Cities during its visit to Bratislava.

Hackathon Uni Göttingen: Campus App

Not glossy visions of the future but solutions that work already today: During the hackathon at the University of Göttingen the team developed a functioning Campus App within only 3 days in the truck - invluding various functionalities and incorporating live data. This shows: our truck really enables agile projects!

Co-Innovation for Smart Cities in Prag

2 days, 4 customers from different industries, 1 topic: Smart Cities! Together with our customers, we have come up with a number of innovative ideas on how we can improve people's lives by using new technologies in the public sector and the telecommuniations and automotive industries.

Discrete Manufacturing & Automotive
Waldner: Digital business models with SAP

Increased competitive capacity with optimized resource management, reduced processing time and with this faster quotation- & order processing, improved quality of processes: This is what Waldner Group wants to achieve with the transition to SAP software. In the Truck we showed numerous employees how this is going to look like.

Polen: Intelligent Manufacturing live

In Poznan, Pabianice and Wasaw we showed 100 visitors how SAP helps run real-time operations with an integrated platform that harnesses new technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things. Our solutions provide full visibility and advanced analytics to help plan, source, and deliver the right goods and materials at the right time.

Customer Experience at Liebherr

“Marketing is too important to only leave it to the Marketing department”. At Liebherr Innovation Day, we showed detailed use cases on how the heavy equipment manufacturer can improve the experience for its customer across all touchpoints with SAP Experience Management.

Volkswagen & SAP Innovation Days

The automotive industry is rapidly embracing the shift to digital and digital technologies transform all brands of the Volkswagen group in high-speed. In our truck, more than 250 visitors learned what this means for each line of business and how they can create opportunities through new business models based on innovative technologies.

Process, Services & Utilities
ADM Wild: Safety goes Digital

Safety is a key priority at production sites of companies from all industries. At ADM Wild’s “Safety Week”, we let employees and management experience how technology can help achieve the goal of zero incidents. Under the title “safety goes digital” we immersed visitors with a virtual reality demonstrating use cases within the ADM production site show what is possible beyond the existing.

SBB: The Future of Transportation

5 customer-specific use cases in 3 days: At the Intelligent Enterprise truck we worked out innovative architecture for future IoT scenarios around energy management, traffic planning and maintenance together with SBB management and employees, who are involved in the SAP S/4HANA transformation program.

Media 2.0: ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

"The SAP Truck and the visionary presentations have been a full success and a valuable information source within our digitization strategy!” said Oliver Veth, VP SAP Coordination, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, after the demo session in the truck. No wonder as we demoed - with the help of Leonard, Penny & Big Bang Theory characters - how one single technology platform enables content creation, consumption and moetization as well as targeted audience engagement.

Financial Services
Digital Tools for Banking & Insurance

At the SAP Forum for Banking & Insurance we demoed to our financial services customers how they can create great customer experiences with the help of artificial intelligence, bot and cloud-based platforms - to increase customer interaction, reach  new levels of customer trust, and streamline operations.

Retail & Consumer Products
Döhler: Efficiency AND Innovation

Process efficiency or innovation? We demonstrated that both go together with the Intelligent Enterprise Truck at our customer Döhler. During the 3 days on site, it became clear how new technologies can be used to make existing processes more efficient and at the same time reinvent themselves in other areas.


Intelligent Agriculture in Siófok

During 2 days of SAP NOW Hungary we inspired 200+ SAP customers with use cases on the intelligently connected agriculture to help create transparent and sustainable food supply chains and increase farming efficiencies. Moreover we demostrated the power of SAP Leonardo in supporting utilities companies optimize processes and allocate resources.

About the Intelligent Enterprise Truck
Experience Management made tangible

We aren’t just talking about evolving customer needs, at CX live we were showing the future of customer experience: In the truck we demonstrated how to connect with customers in the moment that matters to provide an exceptional experience that creates trust, builds loyalty and drives the growth of a business.

#InnovationInTheSun: SAP Select

At SAP Select Barcelona our truck was catching some rays while we inspired more than 150 SAP customers in sessions around Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data and Machine Learning. We also welcomed journalists and renowned tech influencers:

Intelligent Enterprise in the News

"Blockchain, algorithms, artificial intelligence - the world is getting more and more complex and this influences all areas of our everyday lifes. That's why a software producer tries to make the virtual future tangible." This is how the Austrian TV station ORF introduces their report about the Intelligent Enterprise Truck. And there were even more stoies about the truck in the Austrian news.

The Intelligent Enterprise hits the road

On July 11, the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Truck’s Innovation on the Move tour of Central and Eastern Europe kicked off in Walldorf. It will spend a year travelling across the MEE sales region visiting customers, partners, universities, and trade fairs to showcase an array of smart innovations and use cases for the intelligent enterprise.

Under Construction

17m long, 5m wide, 4m high and 27 tons heavy – welcome to our mobile Intelligent Enterprise, designed to travel 12 months through 17 countries in MEE and stop at 100+ customers. Here's how we built it.

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