Upgrade2Success Global Roadshow
Summits designed to help our On-Premise SAP® ERP HCM customers, to plan for, transition and expand into the Cloud and SuccessFactors. 
We’re making HCM migration easier!  
Join us... one of our full-day, complimentary summits to get candid insights on digital transformation with SAP experts and trusted implementation Partners, hear honest accounts directly from other HR Leaders who have already successfully completed their journey to the Cloud and SuccessFactors from SAP On-Prem, discover the practical tools and resources available to you through SAP SuccessFactors and network with your peers, what’s not to love?!

Next steps
Apply to register for these Summits as soon as the registration goes live, around 10 weeks prior to each Summit.  We recommend a maximum of 3 individuals from any one customer organisation attend to ensure a good balance in the room. The day has been designed for Heads of HRIS as well as Business Leaders from both HR and IT.
To discover more about the program and for immediate help please visit our Resource Centre for more information, we look forward to welcoming you to an Upgrade2Success Summit very soon!
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