2023 Aerospace and Defense Innovation Days Featured Demos

Gain insights, interact with process leaders, and experience digital business in real-time efficiency. Immersive experiences await this year’s Aerospace and Defense Innovation Days attendees.

SAP and the SAP Partner community are teaming up to provide a series of showcases highlighting digitally enhanced operational efficiencies, mitigating supply chain risk and disruption exposure, plus tracking and aggregating your corporate performance in sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) imperatives.

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Featured SAP Demonstrations
SAP Supply Chain Performance Solutions: Planning, Insights and Execution

Enable optimization of supply chain operations with real-time visibility and analysis of the end-to-end supply chain including supplier performance data, capacity, future demand, aggregated spend data, strategic sourcing information, and risk identification. Improve performance and reduce program risk by acting upon insights based on aggregated supply chain data.

Sponsored by SAP

Supporting the Digital Thread for Operational Maintenance and Aftermarket Sustainment

SAP S/4HANA continues the digital thread into customer support and aftermarket sustainment with ongoing configuration management and tracking, additionally providing downstream operational maintenance processes and failure reporting.

Sponsored by SAP

SAP Transportation Management: Integrated Fleet and Logistics Management

Enhance how your business manages freight, fleet, and logistics to drive sustainable goals and maximize the return on your spend on global transportation and domestic shipping across all transportation modes.

Sponsored by SAP

Enhance Business Agility with SAP Build

Create apps, automate processes, and design business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity. SAP Build provides low-code app development and automation solutions that enhance business agility. Simplify your development process and empower your business experts to deliver the solutions they know are necessary.

Sponsored by SAP

Enabling the Model-Based Enterprise with SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing

SAP S/4HANA PEO combines manufacturing engineering and production operations capabilities for complex, highly engineered discrete products introduce a single powerful and intuitive user experience. PEOs enable a seamless digital thread that begins with engineering and extends through production execution and downstream business processes.

Sponsored by SAP

Featured Partner Demonstrations
Unleash the Power of Data, Analytics, and End-to-End Compliance for Aerospace and Defense

CIS-A&D provides a comprehensive solution for aerospace and defense companies looking to unleash their full potential. With a focus on data analytics and end-to-end compliance, we empower organizations to take control of their data and transform it into actionable insights. Our solutions include automation technology that streamlines processes and eliminates manual labor, as well as end-to-end compliance solutions that ensure regulatory requirements are met. By utilizing CIS-A&D by Cognitus, aerospace and defense companies can achieve unparalleled efficiency and success in the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Sponsored by Cognitus

Dassian Next Generation Industry Solutions

Learn how Dassian is developing and providing to the A&D industry an end-to-end digital thread from pre-award to contract closeout. Dassian Centric Program/Contract Lifecycle Management utilizes the latest technology, improved user experience, and is built to scale to avoid legacy performance issues. Come see the latest Dassian solutions in action and discuss in detail with the Dassian A&D and government contracting experts.

Sponsored by Dassian

Journey to Industry 4.0: Smart Manufacturing Using SAP DMC and Hitachi Digital Technologies

A&D manufacturers have begun modernizing factory operations. The powerful combination of SAP Digital Manufacturing and Hitachi’s Lumada Manufacturing Insights IoT solutions bring critical insights and improvements to shop floor operations. Join Hitachi to see for yourself how our solutions accelerate your journey to connected, intelligent factories. Our solutions include, among others:

  • Machine analytics
  • OEE visibility
  • Cost of quality visibility and improvements
  • Asset utilization
  • Plant performance diagnostics

Sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

Intelligent Service and Complex Maintenance Management on Cloud with RISE with SAP

Embedded with RISE with SAP offering of SAP S/4HANA, HCLTech’s iMRO Digital Core optimizes processes and asset usage across the entire maintenance lifecycle. With a wide range of user-centric workbenches, industry-specific functionality, and transaction automation, it enables the delivery of intelligent processes across complex maintenance businesses. HCLTech’s iSAM Maintenance Operations Planning and Insights and iSAM Customer Management products further extend the maintenance processes providing detailed bottom-up insights into managing the maintenance events and customer quotation creation as well as management. This ensures that work scoping and packaging are tightly coupled to customer approvals while preventing errors introduced into the event and subsequent downstream billing.

Sponsored by HCL Technologies

Experience Intelligent Supply Chains and a Truly Connected Workforce with Augmented Reality

The most competitive organizations are looking for a truly digitalized industrial workplace to simplify processes, minimize error rates, ensure high-quality output, and increase productivity. Join TeamViewer for an interactive demo around the intersection of data, information, technology, and people, and how augmented reality (AR) and remote connectivity are enabling companies within the aerospace and defense sector to better enable their processes across the entire supply chain, drive more value, and build a sustainable competitive advantage for the future of work.

Sponsored by TeamViewer

Reduce the Risk from SAP Changes

Tricentis offers a fundamentally different way to tackle software testing, dramatically accelerating digital transformation, application delivery, and cloud migrations. Our continuous testing approach is totally automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI.

SAP has chosen Tricentis as their official application delivery solution extension because of the value they bring to organizations moving through transformational events.

Sponsored by Tricentis

Intelligent Project Pricing and Estimating with Twenty5

Twenty5 will demonstrate end-to-end program management for A&D companies who bid, price, and deliver projects and programs, or who have an extensive internal capital program spend. This demonstration will include:

  • Bid and proposal management with CRM integration
  • Engineering, manufacturing, material, and other cost estimating
  • Various pricing strategies (fixed, cost plus, outcome based, and others) with revenue recognition and cashflows
  • Project P&L, and risk-adjusted margin reporting by WBS, CBS, OBS, and PBS
  • Project scheduling and resource planning, execution planning and forecasting, change and risk management, and reporting

Sponsored by Twenty5

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