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Unleash Creativity. Drive Innovation. is this year’s theme. Running at your best begins with using the intelligent technology that helps Aerospace and Defense companies respond to disruptive change, competitive pressures, and customer expectations. Attendees can learn how SAP and partners enable companies to shape the future of the intelligent Aerospace and Defense Enterprise using the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA which brings IoT, machine learning, blockchain, analytics, and Big Data together in real-time on SAP Cloud Platform. .

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Intelligent Suite


We provide the business capabilities companies need to run their business intelligently, all in one suite of applications. End-to-end business processes span multiple applications, so processes and data must be integrated for automation, a seamless user experience, fast adoption, and ease of operations.

Aircraft Scheduling and Project Management

Leverage SAP S/4HANA’s capabilities for scheduling, project management, collaboration and analysis for assembling an aircraft at one facility, flying it outside the US to complete interior installation and exterior paint, and delivering it straight to the customer.  In this scenario, you’ll not only see SAP S/4HANA’s scheduling capability within a single project, but also its powers of integration across multiple projects.
We will focus on use cases: (1) Schedule, Status, Percent complete, Schedule Changes (2) Analysis & Reporting:  Critical Path, Gantt, Early/Late Dates, Dashboards (3) Collaboration:  Partner Communication, Import/Export Dates

S/4 HANA Manufacturing for Production Engineering and Operations (PEO)

PEO extends the SAP S/4HANA digital core to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing by facilitating intelligent system support for process planning and change management. In addition, it is extending the SAP S/4HANA digital core to the shop floor as it bridges the gap between product design and manufacturing and hands over an engineering bill of material to a manufacturing bill of material. It defines routings and component allocations and author work instructions, analyzes the change impact and the support of change implementation, and tracks and traces individual parts and part-specific genealogy by shop floor item. 

Join the SAP S/4 HANA Movement Today

Join the SAP S/4HANA movement and claim your portfolio of tools, programs, content, and services. Bring Intelligent ERP to your organization and enable live insights and optimized processes to help your organization meet the challenges of the future.  And do it all with minimal disruption, risk, and time to value. Come hear about the new tools and accelerators SAP is introducing to help simplify and accelerate your journey to SAP S/4HANA.

Intelligent Technologies


Several innovative technologies are now ready for practical use. The Internet of Things makes business applications interact with the physical world. Big Data makes large data sets accessible for advanced analytics and intelligence. Machine learning and artificial intelligence automate repetitive processes and learn from human exception handling and decision-making. Advanced analytics find data patterns to support the best business decisions and predict the future. Blockchain distributes collaborative processes across the entire value network. Data intelligence finds new value in data assets for new business models.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Solution

Discover what Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) powered by SAP Leonardo can do for you. This demonstration focuses on integrated processes using chatbots powered by SAP Conversational AI. Use chatbots to facilitate machine interactions with customers or employees without losing the human touch. Perform complex and repetitive tasks without the need for human intervention. Interact (Conversational AI) + Execute (Intelligent chatbot) + Optimize (Machine Learning)

Leverage SAP Analytics

Harness SAP Analytics and do more with less. Answer questions you did not know (or think) to ask by typing them in and instantly generating enlightening visualizations. Let machine learning, predictive analytics, and/or planning give you a complete 360 view of your business from ANY data source. Proactively respond instead of reacting to events within your company. Understand your business on an entirely new level with SAP Analytics Cloud and the Digital Boardroom.

Featured Partner Demonstrations
Transformations to SAP S/4HANA® Require Data Transformations


Data is a critical part of an SAP S/4HANA implementation, fueling the processes that run your business. A move to SAP S/4HANA must include a transformation of legacy data for the new SAP S/4HANA environment.

SAP Advanced Data Migration, developed by BackOffice Associates and sold by SAP, is built around our proven methodology that accelerates the move to SAP S/4HANA. It also reduces the high costs and risks that are inherent to large, complex enterprise data migrations and delivers high quality data for SAP S/4HANA processes.

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Accelerating A&D manufacturing capabilities with innovative solutions


Capgemini solutions focus on mission critical capabilities in the integrated value chain dependent on a functioning Digital Thread spanning Engineering, Manufacturing and the Supply Chain.  Our streamlined & proven SAP S/4 industry solutions can, Increase the velocity of product delivery and revenue recognition in complex engineer to order environments.  Enable DCMA required contract flow down to be automated, ensuring a high degree of compliance across the enterprise.  Automate & Control the complex cost postings in borrow - payback scenarios systematically to ensure financial integrity across active projects.  Enable Interactive & Intuitive capabilities for Material Planners to proactively determine the destination of critical materials upon arrival, reducing friction & risk along the integrated value chain.  Capgemini is focused on practical innovation that makes a material difference in streamlining complex manufacturing environments & bringing the Digital Thread to life.

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How Celonis is Turning Process Insights into Action


With the process mining technology it pioneered, Celonis has disrupted what was a manual, time-consuming, and expensive consulting-driven approach to jump-start and operationalize change in transformation initiatives. The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud provides visibility into existing process flows, a detailed analysis of process metrics, and an intelligent framework for process improvements across all operational systems.

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Driving Competitive Advantage Through Compliance and Beyond


Helping drive competitive advantage through compliance for our customers, Dassian has built an integrated cost management solution that provides actionable analytics based on cost variances in government contracts.  Analysis of indirect cost and rate variances supports effective decision making and true-up prior to month and year end.  Extending our product suite to include government property management and taking earned value methodology into manufacturing helps our A&D customers with compliance, performance and business insight.  

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Pepper – The Interactive Humanoid


Pepper, the humanoid robot, is HCL’s DRYiCE (Lucy)-powered cognitive assistant, which can help event visitors witness the future of human machine interaction. It is able to showcase and speak about what HCL has to offer for the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. Pepper is powered to speak about HCL’s capabilities in RPA for business and discuss cases like AR/AP, billing efficiency, and more. It can further talk about SAP Cloud Platform for modern application development and digital transformation, HCL BASE90 for SAP S/4HANA EM, SAP – Intelligent-Centric Enterprise, SAP add-on for EAM – SOLEX Extension, SAP PEO, and digital thread.

Pepper is also able to shake hands, guide you about the event, and instantly take one’s picture and post it on social media.

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Driving End to End Engineering to Manufacture Design Streams with LeverX and SAP


With LeverX’s IPS (Integrated Process Solution) along with SAP PLM and Visual Enterprise, see how you can drive end-to-end engineering to manufacture design streams. Utilize your SAP DMS/CAD capabilities with lightweight visuals to enable your enterprise to speedily process your SAP-integrated projects. With visually stunning 3D images empowering your enterprise, SAP is a natural fit to power your business.

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Trusted Innovation


The SAP NS2 Cloud’s portfolio of services is tailor-made to meet our Aerospace and Defense customer’s specialized security requirements. Founded to support national security with innovative computing, analytics and cloud solutions, SAP NS2 provides a comprehensive, enterprise-scale cloud that includes a unique combination of software, services, and infrastructure. Learn how you can access the benefits of the cloud through our comprehensive offerings, enterprise scale support and SAP Solutions.

Discover the benefits of our SAP NS2 secure cloud offerings:

  1. Secure HANA Cloud
  2. S/4HANA Single Tenant Edition
  3. Success Factors
  4. SAP Cloud Platform
  5. SAP Analytics Cloud
  6. Integrated Business Planning
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OpenText: Delivering process and content to enable The Intelligent Enterprise for Aerospace and Defense


With SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText, A&D companies get fully integrated content management across the entire Intelligent Enterprise. Extended Enterprise Content Management provides SAP business users the ability to quickly retrieve content from any authorized source, allows your organization to slash costs by digitizing paper documents and, in turn, reduce physical storage requirements and optimize system performance. With xECM, users control the complete lifecycle of enterprise content along with providing regulatory compliance to governmental oversight policies and procedures. From a sustainability perspective, business users can determine exactly who worked on a project (or group) with all related personnel and documents created/issued – all in the context of SAP business processes and transactions.

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Strengthen Client Account Relationships and Predict Customer Behavior with Qualtrics CX


Do you truly know your customers and what they're thinking?  Leverage the power of Qualtrics CX software to engage B2B customers on a personal level, receive genuine feedback, and identify opportunities to take action and improve your customer experience. Qualtrics can help you address pain points to help you reduce customer churn, increase upsell, and predict customer behavior.

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Resolve Tech Solutions and DocuSign Have Joined Forces to Deliver an Accelerator for SAP’s Core Business Process


Resolve Tech Solutions and DocuSign have partnered up to develop a highly sought-after DocuSign Accelerator for SAP.  This Accelerator provides core integration functions that can be readily configured to support business process use cases by connecting the relevant SAP modules to DocuSign on an as-needed basis. The DocuSign Accelerator for SAP is designed to support business process use cases for SAP Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Financial Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Product Life Cycle Management in ECC, S/4 Hana on-premise, S/4 Hana Private Cloud Environments.

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