SAP BTP Executive Summits

Become future-proof with SAP and network with industry experts and fellow business technology leaders

September 14 in Mountain View, CA  | September 21 in Philadelphia, PA


Becoming future-proof is crucial to every type of enterprise – we all want to innovate at break-neck speed, be more agile and react quickly to changes to drive business forward faster than ever.

Enter the SAP Business Technology Platform Executive Summits – these one-day events have been specially designed for executives looking to see across all their applications, processes, and data so they can innovate and automate to boost productivity.

During these events, you will get to:

  • Have your assumptions challenged and imagination ignited with a provocative keynote from the #1 ranked futurist in the world
  • Dive into how to make tangible strides at your organization with two tracks of innovation-focused breakouts on data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, enterprise automation, integration, and more


Learn. Understand. Connect. Come see how to be future-proof at the SAP BTP Executive Summits.

Featured Keynote
Jonathan Brill

Don’t just watch your future happen — architect it. Jonathan Brill is Forbes’ #1 futurist and “the world’s leading transformation architect,” according to HBR. Inc. called him a “Silicon Valley Legend” for his work as the global futurist at HP, as an inventor of AI and Metaverse technologies, and as an advisor to the Secret Service.

In his talks, he brings you to the frontlines of tomorrow and shows you how to turn disruption to your advantage. Drawing from a $15 Million research program and his international bestseller, Rogue Waves, he shares how the collision of technology, geopolitical, economic, and societal trends will impact your specific audience. Brill then unveils practical, innovative tools to gain from the change. He makes your future concrete with relatable stories that inspire awe, action, and a new comfort with uncertainty.

JP Morgan’s Head of Learning and Development said, “Our executives walked away changed.” You will too.

Featured Speakers
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