Maria Villar and Mike Alvarez
Maria – Head of Enterprise Data Transformation for SAP;

Mike - Director Information and Machine Learning Architect at Cardinal Health


Building a “Board-Ready” Data Strategy

Transformation, digitization, innovation, AI…your Board is talking about these business strategies, which we all know depend on data. In fact, there is no innovation strategy without rich data support. However, most of you still struggle to secure funding for your ongoing data programs. Why? In nearly every case, the Friends of Data (FoDs) love data so much that it has permanently altered their vocabulary. Instead of speaking and telling stories of strategic business outcome, you speak about percentages of nulls and numbers of duplicates. In this session, learn how to design a comprehensive, outcome-driven data strategy that can help your organization reach its lofty goals of digitization and transformation. We will share an approach and templates to guide you in developing your own outcome-driven data strategy. This isn’t just theory! Cardinal Health will share how they changed their language and story to go beyond data speak (nulls and duplicates) to business outcomes.


Jimmy Wilson
Northrop Grumman, Information Delivery & Analytics


Enabling Data Literacy in the Organization


Northrop Grumman’s Information Delivery & Analytics team is creating data literacy, a critical capability for any data-driven organization.  The team was accustomed to providing information and reports to the business, but they took it further to enable the business to independently gain valuable insights into the quality and makeup of their data.  The platform has become viral as one empowered group talks to another – and they are talking data!

Learn about how Northrop Grumman leveraged SAP Information Steward and SAP HANA Smart Data Access to provide a self-service platform for business users to make sense of and trust their data.  You will hear about their journey, the ways business benefitted, and their aspirations for the future. 

Mustafa Mustafa
Sr Director – IT at Ferrara Candy Company (Application Development, Integration, BI, CRM, AWS and Innovation


Empower Everyone with Data Using SAP HANA and SAP Analytics


The SAP HANA data platform and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform gave Ferrara Candy Company Inc. unprecedented capabilities powered by speed, integration, and innovation. Ferrara replaced an SAP BW on Oracle solution with a fully integrated solution based on a native SAP HANA data warehouse as the foundation, custom SAP HANA applications, and SAP BusinessObjects BI for reporting and analytics. This solution enabled the procurement team to monitor KPIs at the strategic, tactical, and operational level, generating over US$200,000 in savings.

Tim Allen
Strategic Relationship Manager, Intel


Process More Data in Real Time at a Lower Cost of Ownership


Deliver intelligent insights from increasingly large, diverse data sets at the speed of your business. Let Intel Corporation and SAP tell you how the SAP HANA Data Platform is the first major database platform optimized for Intel Optane DC persistent memory. 

Braden Slezak and Mike Alvarez
Braden – VP, Utopia Global, Inc.

Mike – Director Information and Machine Learning Architect at Cardinal Health


Bringing People, Process, and Technology Together in your Digital Transformation Journey


Cardinal Health embarked on a major digital transformation as their largest line of business was moving to SAP. They decided to implement SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) at the same time as they were implementing SAP ECC and SAP MDG on HANA. This initiative led to the creation of a Data Governance organizational structure which solidified their people, process and technology approach to a successful implementation. Cardinal Health had a wide array of disparate legacy systems. The data environment was wrought with the complexities of secured patient information, and a sheer volume of records that required data to be profiled. Cardinal Health will share how their phased rollout and staggered go-live approach was a part of a successful implementation and how they leveraged SAP MDG as a bridge, moving master data first and later moving the transactional data.