Firestarters Consumer
Industries Forum
Accelerating consumer products and retail growth: strategies for success
Business leaders are looking for practical ways to make a difference in their day-to-day, driving transformation that will move the needle in their business. The Firestarters Forum is a two-day in-person event in New York City that brings together leading professionals to connect, share, and learn with each other – gaining emerging insights and proven strategies to drive results.

This year’s event has three key themes, including helping professionals:

1. Become Customer Adaptive

Placing the customer at the center of business has never been a more crucial activity. Learn how to enhance engagement, foster loyalty, and align relationships for business growth.

2. Align Purpose with Value

Learn how you can deliver value while driving profitable growth with purpose by using experience design tools and practical use cases from leading retail and CPG companies.

3. Guide Transformation and Change

Change management is critical for business transformation. Learn how cross-functional collaboration, emerging technology, and workforce enablement lead to success.

What Some of Our Members Are Saying…
Heinrich Wilking,
Director, Riscoverse Consulting GMBH

"I enjoyed the Firestarters in-person event in Berlin today – it was a very open and collaborative environment where people from a range of industries and backgrounds exchanged about topics on customer experience. Since then, I have joined subsequent Firestarter sessions online and continue to be amazed by the rich conversations and insights I get from the community members."

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