Science Fiction: A Starship for Enterprise Innovation with Ann Rosenberg
December 7, 1 pm - 3 pm
Pipeline Brickel, Miami

Ann Rosenberg will share her viewpoints to show how Science Fiction Thinking is becoming the new big thing

Science Fiction to Fact: Every day the time lag between science fiction to fact is narrowing. The SAP Next-Gen science fiction community uses the thought methodology of science fiction thinking to boldly envision the intelligent enterprise and create disruptive innovation. In a time of unprecedented technological and social change Ann Rosenberg, in reference to her book "Science Fiction: A Starship for Enterprise Innovation", will tell business leaders why a science fiction mindset is the next critical step towards innovation that is purpose-driven and will make their enterprises the thought leaders of tomorrow.


SVP & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen & Global Lead for UN Women #sheinnovates

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