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Activities & Special Events

Click on each day to see all the fun activities we have planned at the SAP House on Trinity & Second! Don’t forget to Grab a drink and a snack during your visit. Enjoy complimentary food and beverages throughout the day, from Bloody Marys and breakfast tacos in the morning to cocktails and oysters in the evening.


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Sun June makes regret pop in Austin, Texas. Laura Colwell and Stephen Salisbury formed the band while working long hours in director Terrence Malick’s editing rooms, practicing in the office whenever Malick was out of town. They worked with Dan Duszynski (Cross Record; Loma) and fellow Malick alum Will Patterson (Sleep Good) on a set of demos before solidifying the current line up of Michael Bain on guitar, Sarah Schultz on drums, and Justin Harris on bass. Years was released on June 15, 2018 via Keeled Scales, home to kindred talent like Julia Lucille, Big Thief's Buck Meek and more. So far they’ve released a music video for "Young," a thoughtfully thumping visit with the past that found its way onto reputable playlists like Fresh Finds and NPR's Staff Picks, and one for "Discotheque," an equally resonant reminiscence picked up by New Indie Mix and YouTube's taste-making Coffee Shop Blend. Their third single, “Slow Rise II,” premiered on Consequence of Sound, and their fourth, “Records,” premiered on They plan to release two new non-album singles in March 2019, along with two Years demos.


VJ Craig has been mixin' up the beats for corporate and private parties all over the US, Texas, and Austin for more than a decade! He constantly looks for the best music from all over the world to entertain and rock a party every time! 

To heighten the atmosphere for the guests, Craig can even mix it up with a visual presentation too. He takes the overdone music videos and turns them up a notch ... warming up the room with the blending of pictures, videos and effects.  The agility of his mixes will have your guests dancing on the tables. No doubt, VJ Craig will always surprise and stimulate all the senses with his skills and musical taste.

Robert Ellis and his band are from the great state of Texas and will be playing music that is piano driven Rock & Roll! They will bring these songs to you in the very spirit of Texas itself; loudly, confidently, over the top, larger than life, at times deadly serious and yet always with a wink and a smile. We invite you to come on in, stay a while, and when you leave take with you the spirit of the songs, the spirit of Texas, and the spirit of The Texas Piano Man himself!



Southern-infused Roots Rock with soul-stirring vocals, sweet harmonies, signature guitar, epic hooks, killer rhythm, clever lyrics, and superb story-telling. Their distinctive original sound embraces multiple eras and genres, including blues, rock, country, folk, Americana, and jazz, all of which he is well-versed in. John’s latest video “Slow Rollin’” has surpassed 270,000 views, while “Memphis” has surpassed 110,000. His new CD “Roll Like That” launched in November with a video premiere and social and radio campaign.



Whether you’re working in a boardroom or on the shop floor, you’re likely working on transforming yesterday’s tasks into moments that engage, inspire, and improve people’s lives. Visit the SAP House at Trinity and Second to learn how to make moments that matter – whether it’s delighting empowered customers, engaging an increasingly mobile and diverse workforce, being a sustainable developer and creator, or lifting up societies and becoming a connected citizen.

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