Spatial Solutions from SAP

Integrate spatial solutions with your enterprise

applications like never before

Advantages of Spatial Solutions from SAP

Combine enterprise and spatial data to create location-aware business applications quickly and to enable critical real-time decisions

Act with live spatial intelligence

Gain situational awareness by enriching business data with spatial data and analyzing it in context

Learn how Munich RE uses Spatial Solutions from SAP to better manage and mitigate wild fire risk and claims.


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Esri and SAP HANA: Real-Time Spatial Solutions

Find out how SAP and Esri cover the breadth and depth of geo-enabled business processes needed by organizations of all sizes, in all industries, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for multiple business or geospatial systems.

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Watch how SAP + Esri showcase partnership for live spatial intelligence.


SAP HANA as an Enterprise Geodatabase

Spatialitics, a partner of both SAP and Esri, has been working with SAP HANA as an enterprise geodatabase since its availability. This paper summarizes real-world customer experiences, which confirms the use cases, implementation patterns, performance improvements, and benefits of a central data platform for both Esri and SAP applications.

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Bring Together SAP HANA and ArcGIS Pro

Use ArcGIS Pro to connect your SAP HANA data and other business information to Esri’s demographic data for better insights.


When you unite SAP HANA and ArcGIS Pro, you take advantage of SAP’s fast query processing performance to create map layers, accelerate spatial queries, and publish services for use across the entire ArcGIS platform and beyond.


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Create location-aware business apps faster

Innovate faster by using proven integrations for existing geospatial systems and enterprise technologies

Learn how Alliander, the largest electric and gas utility in the Netherlands, is using SAP technology to massively improve load forecasting. 


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Unleash the Power of Geospatial Information in the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP HANA spatial services runs in the cloud on powerful infrastructure managed by SAP that helps you access, combine, and process different geo-referenced data. Combine geospatial information together with business data inside your applications, adding the “where” dimension to your processes.

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SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

Improve decision-making with streamlined processing of spatial and operational business data in SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA.

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SAP HANA Spatial Services

  • Intuitive cloud-based solution to access, mashup, and process different geo-referenced data - including raster and vector data
  • Ready-to-use spatial services accessible via REST APIs, visualization application, and modeling tool to create custom logic
  • Services’ data output can be easily processed through SAP HANA together with business data


SAP Analytics Cloud

Experience the future of decision making with SAP Analytics Cloud. Get your 30-day free trial by clicking below.

Adopt advanced spatial capabilities

Choose geospatial systems and data suppliers at any time by leveraging open spatial standards within a modern platform

The city of Cape Town integrates six emergency response agency systems into one app creating a new level of safety effectiveness and response time. 


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SAP HANA Real-Time Spatial Solutions

Discover how you can use spatial analysis functionality in SAP HANA to analyze disparate business, customer, and location-based data sources, helping you make smarter and faster decisions, save time and money, and increase revenue.


See how SAP HANA uses high-performance in-memory processing to enable spatial analysis of disparate business, customer, and location-based data sources.


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SAP HANA, express edition 

Get your free version of SAP HANA, express edition.


SAP HANA, express edition is geared toward those looking to get on the fast track to developing apps with SAP HANA, but on a slightly pared-down version of the platform. Click below for a free download of the software.

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